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No, not those of you who are childless (for what ever the reason), don’t be silly…I am speaking to those of you who have adopted. Just like me and millions of others in this world. You, your the non-mom…

I quote NBC television and Teleflora… this is one of the categories for their upcoming Today show, shows with none other then Donnie and Marie Osmond as your hosts….

The non-mom mom

Grandparent, stepmom, or mom to adopted children, each one raising and loving a child. A priceless gift for everybody.

So..how does that make you feel..and hey, all you real honest to God moms what do you think…how non mom am I!!

Oh and if you want to glare at it with thine own eyes….

Please voice your thoughts to those who can make a difference…I have…and I may again…It sure would be nice to know that you can’t possibly agree with this crap.

A phone number to call and complain (1-800-Teleflora – 1-800-225-7435) and this information if you want to write a complaint-

11444 W. Olympic Blvd., 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Attn: Chief Legal Officer
Fax: (310) 966-5758

People are emailing the Today Show – Today@NBCUNI.com and some are even emailing Donnie and Marie to send complaints. Someone called this number 212-664-4249 and got a live person to complain to (whom she said agreed with her).

thanks to Andy for the art work…..I snagged it from you…

5 Responses

  1. Snag away! Thanks for helping to spread the word on this atrocity!!

  2. I emailed the Press Contact at Teleflora, but it bounced back…. go figure!

  3. How surreal is that????

  4. I got this from Teleflora… turns out the owner is an adoptive parent… hmm must not have had time to proof the contest before it got started…

    Thank you for contacting Teleflora to share your thoughts about the
    “Teleflora presents America’s Favorite Mom” program.

    In response to your concerns, Teleflora is immediately changing the
    name of our “Non-Mom” category to “Adopting Moms.” After closer
    examination, we can see how this may have been offensive to moms who
    have adopted children — moms who are indeed real moms to their
    children in every sense of the word. In fact, many of us at
    Teleflora are “adopting” parents ourselves, including our president
    and owner. The essence of this category still focuses on a
    grandparent, neighbor, step mom, or mom to adopted or foster
    children, each one raising and loving a child.

    This show of insensitivity on our part was in no way intended and we
    deeply apologize for any concern or distress we may have caused. It
    was always our intent to salute and celebrate all moms.

    In closing, all of us at Teleflora would like to offer our sincerest
    best wishes to all the many women throughout the world who have
    worked so hard and given so much to earn the name “Mom.”

    The America’s Favorite Mom Team

  5. I’ve seen this on a couple blogs already today. Really shameful. Even the apology is offensive to me. They’re still lumping grandparents, and NEIGHBORS (?!) in the same category as “adoptive” moms? WTF? They still don’t get it.

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