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A few changes…

Over the weekend..Illinois Expat author shared that my blog had so much going on…it was hard to take at a quick glimpse..so I thought I would try changing it and making it a little more broken down…I also realize that I need to try to connect with other mom’s who have adopted here in the US… moms that are on my wave length…so that is a new thing for me to look through…I am so have to read more just moms blogs…all in due time.

Speaking of the weekend…(see it up there the second word)I had a delightful weekend..I was awaken to family breakfast in bed at about 8:15 am. We had delicious homemade Eggs Benedict and strawberries…one of my absolute faves. Richard did a great job with poaching the eggs and from scratch hollandaise sauce..mmm. I am spoiled with that man…some of the other mom’s at church said that they wanted to spend Mother’s day with us next year after having jelly on toast and oatmeal, which they had to make themselves.  Hehe that made him feel really good. After that we ventured out to the store to find us a new bedspread.

Now this looks totally drab compared to IRL…I will have to take a picture of what it looks like…it has very vibrant colors in the outdoors feel that covers the inside and outside of my home. I also scored two throw pillows that are the same color green in the curtains and bedspread…I know you can not see the green in the spread. Hmmm Curtains…I have had the material for about 4 years…it is ready to be mounted on to a padded wood and made into a valance thingy. Picture..picture…

well, this is as close as I can get…this is way way washed out…imagine poppies in bright poppy colors…on a cream back ground I will have to look some more…the walls are daredevil and sand castle… dare devil is a poppy color and is going to cover one wall…sand castle is a taupe and will adorn the other three walls. It is a bold color pattern but when you realize that I have  Russet and adobe colored walls in the family room and wheat and darker yellow walls in the entry you get my love for the bold colors. Next up will be that bathroom which is a dark denim with a stark white wainscoting on the bottom.  Griffin soooo bad wants his room to be next…but I still have to finish the master bath in a darker sky blue and get new towels and such…we have the same towels from our wedding nearly 22 years ago. Besides his room was the first room done in this house because it was his brothers room when we moved in and I did an exact replica of his room at our other house. So that answer is YES, we spent the entire afternoon painting our bed room…that poppy red is going to take like at least three coats…Richard is cursing me…but he really like how it is all falling together… We did manage to go for Mexican for dinner…and all in all the day was great for me at least…

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