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SO a few annoying things for me…maybe not you but for me BLUCK…

Our bedroom if 3/4 done..but the room is a disaster and we cannot sleep in our bed yet…routines are out of whack…it really is annoying. I can not have my wind down time at the end of the day in my room in my bed…TV or books or magazines…very frustrating. I have to sleep in the spare bed it is a queen…I miss my huge King…and the guy I sleep with in it. He sleeps on the small piece of our bed that is open..it is smaller then a twin but he N.E.V.E.R moves in his sleep, never…see why I miss him I get most of the bed. Besides the fact that I cannot wait for the transformation to be complete I want the rest of my house to fall back together…it seems whenever we do a project the rest of the house falls apart..I also cannot wait to start on the next project.

I have other frustrations too…I have to have a bridge made….for my teeth silly…I have a place in my mouth that I have never had a secondary tooth. I did not loose my primary tooth there until I was nearly 30. The teeth on either side are breaking down. I need a bridge…but have you seen the economy??  Mind you a bridge is $2800 start to finish and we have no dental. I have had sooo much work done on my teeth…I have, in the last 10 years, spent about $15,000 or more. That is a lot of root canals and crowns.  Richard has had a few cavities that is it.  Now he needs his wisdom teeth removed. It is much much cheaper…He gets to go first…I will hold off for now and hope and pray that my teeth don’t completely fail and then I need a partial denture…good golly that sounds old and expensive.

I am anxious for the arrival of my cpap machine..I hope comes this week. It is not so much frustrating as it is anxious…I have heard from many how wonderful it feels to get a full nights sleep….complete rest. Revitalization…I am really looking forward to that.

Laundry…it seems that whenever I get ahead I get behind…I know that makes no sense. I get the laundry down to manageable and then something happens…last it was the kidney stone…laundry piled up for days…and days….I can not seen to get it back to normal.

The amount of food my boys are consuming these days….good Lord…when they are teens I am in huge trouble.  I can give Griffin a good breakfast and by 9-9:30 he is singing the I am hungry songs…he can have a peanut butter breakfast bar and yogurt with crunchy cereal in it and then eat a banana and apple sauce and an apple, a glass of milk and water and maybe juice water…all before 11 AM…..for lunch he will eat two hot dogs sans bun, sun chips, strawberries, fruit snack, pickles or celery or carrots and jello…he i starving by 3:30/4PM.  Spencer is the exact same on the weekends…at school he is starving..he gets home and wants dinner right away at 4:15. I can not seem to keep them full .

so that is the frustrations for me for now…I know in the big scheme of things it is not much…for me it is my life..,.

Happy day!