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Well, today was the day for the replacement MRI…it was at a facility that has open MRI…I had a slight headache and as the hour went on it got worse and worse…at the end I thought I should have just donated my head to science and been done with it…not to mention that, while they did everything to make me comfortable, the back pain was also not much fun…now I just hope that something is found anything insignificant…non cancerous too …but it would answer a lot of life long questions that I have.

So it was a beautiful day today and the boys played outside until 7:30 tonight…I love when not a lot of kids are home and Spencer gets to spend time with just one of the boys in the hood…any of them as long as it is just one. They play so nice and there is no hurt feelings and no getting physically hurt. I do love when they are all home and playing too but most of the time it is far nicer when there is only a few home.



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  1. how long until you know the results?

    i know what you mean about the neighborhood kids. a neighborhood with lots of kids can be a blessing and a curse.

    i never liked it when the neighbor kids horned in on sibling time either.

    oh boy (or should i say “oh girl”?) i get to do it all again. oy!

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