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Some fun decorating….

I have finished the master bedroom decoration…I do not have after photos yet but instead I have in process pictures….I also have used the Cricut machine to cut out contact paper and make my own wall sayings. it turned out great and the best thing is that I found a place on the internet..(is there nothing you can’t find on the internet) that sells contact paper in every imaginable color…so without further ado….the photos:

it would appear that a drunk too the picture of Spencer’s wall…must have been Richard…it says Spence’s Hideout..his choice… he has a noce little reading and relaxing place under his bunk beds there…the other wall writing one is in my entry way by all the family wedding photos…I have to change all the frames to black now so I won’t show you  the full wall because I do not like how it looks with the mismatched frames..however the middle photo is my mom and dad and the left one is little brother number two and wife and the right one is little brother number 1 and ebraday, his wifey and a fellow blogger though her blog is private.

Next up…wainscoting the main floor powder room and painting the walls denim blue…it is a small small bathroom and is going to be sooo cool in such a deep dark color…I can’t wait…


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  1. Well, this is just freaky…I was just at http://www.wisedecor.com/ two days ago trying to find sayings for LC’s wall and our living room wall with the pictures. Yours turned out great! How hard is it to do?

    And my blog is private because it is eternally boring.

  2. Not hard at all and I think I am cheaper then wise door *wink wink*…but my size is limited to 5 in by 5 in. if that is good for you and you can find a color that you like I am happy to cut it for you…I am limited to a few style as I borrowed them..I can borrow one that is whispy..look at cricut and see which font you like and I will see if my friend Carol has it.

  3. Looks great. I really dislike painting, but I do LOVE me a freshly painted wall. 🙂

  4. thanks so much for sharing these – what fun!

  5. Where’s YOUR wedding pics?? I zoomed in just to look at them :0)

  6. I guess you will have to bring your ass up here to see them …Amy you know better…

    vote it was a lot of fun and part of relieving that restlessness that we talked about…

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