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Summer has sprung…or is it still Spring…

SO these past few days have been very nice…I am already very tan (not by choice but by the desire of my skin) on my face and hands and lower arms…it is strange that it comes on so fast.

I spent last Thursday at Spencer’s first ever in his life T-ball agame…he really wanted to play this year so we signed him. up. He is not great at team sports but does put in a good effort. We will see he is really interested…even watching it on TV occasionally.

Then there is the Grifmeister….he and I painted his big “G” the other day for his room…he picked dark blue…his new favorite color…we have not begun on his room but he really wanted to paint his “G”…without further ado…

sorry that some are sideways…I know not what I doooooo…

5 Responses

  1. you’re a good mama.

  2. Great pics!

    But wait…If he is in T-ball, why isn’t he hitting off of a tee?

  3. At least you are getting tan from relaxing while doing fun things with the kids!! Love the pictures!! Tell Griff that blue is my favorite color too and I need a “J”.!!!

    Working on my “tan” while trying to teach Delaney that the plants have to stay in the holes we dig for them. LOL!!!

  4. D- in this league the coach’s pitch if after many many swings they don’t hit they get out the tee. He has not had to use the tee yet…they play an odd game…every player bats and then they all go to the out field…then back in they bat and field three times and the game is over…no scores…but you know boys they love to keep score…

  5. Ahhhh. We start off the season hitting off the tee and then the last half is coach pitch/tee. We also play the same way. 3 full innings with everyone batting around.

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