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What IS next…that IS the problem…

We had a visit with the doctor yesterday and the results of my $4000.00+ MRI revealed……I have a healthy brain…go figure…first, off thank God for good insurance…second, thank God there is nothing wrong with my brain…(insert jokes here)…third, I am angry that there was nothing seen on the MRI…that does not rule out Cushings but it is getting slimmer and slimmer…I will be doing another round of blood and urine work later this summer just for shits and smiles. So now on to the next thing…how in the world does a person follow a diet of fresh fruit and veggies and chicken and pork and no starches an snacks and candy for three months and loose…….3 f-ing pounds!!! Tell me someone….give me a clue I will listen to anything at this point. I have done the diets…Jenny and Nutri-system, Weight watchers and hypnosis…none work. WHY?? This is where I need SUPER Wyatt from the show super why? to open a book and find the answer…come on princess pea get a book give me the answer…

That is the problem…there is not an open the book and find the answer here..

SO the other part of the doctor visit is that Richard’s blood pressure is still high. The Doctor looks at him and says ‘it is you I am worried about young man’…ha..for once it is not me…that felt oddly good but still not so good…he is on Quniapril now and we will see where it goes from here. His Cholesterol is also on the higher end…mine…mid to low range…in fact, all my blood work was strangely good.

That is the problem…there is nothing to find…so now what and where??

Then there is the Decker cough…ebraday knows what I speak of..my father had it, my youngest brother has it…even her DH, my older younger brother, has it occasionally. Mine is bad here of late…I am attributing it to tree pollen…I get a tickle in the back of my throat and I cough and cough and eventually I am gagging, tears running down my face then it is over till the next time…

That’s the problem there is no way to know for sure what the hell it really is…

Finally the CPAP, yes, Sybille, I know you want a photo…I will get you one…insert sarcastic smile here…I have been on it a week…I can not tell a big difference but it has only been a week…I hope to send the little computer chip in, in about 3 weeks where they can read how well or not well, I have been sleeping for the last month. It is a very smart little machine. The nice part about it right now is that I am not snoring…well, ok that is nice for the DH, and it blows humidified air so no more dry mouth or nostrils and a mini facial around the nose and mouth each night…I do feel more rested and not tired in the afternoon so that is a good thing and I do feel a bit more energetic…but it has been a week….we will see where this all goes.

SO until I get results from the chip reading I have no positive or negtive news about the Cpap.

that is it…..


5 Responses

  1. I’m glad that the MRI came out normal.:)

    As for the Decker cough…my DH’s is completely due to allergies and is why he takes 3 different meds religiously, to combat it. It has improved him 100%.

  2. well, since he and I share no genes (wink wink) I am glad that he has found a reason for his cough, though you must admit it is odd that we all have the damn cough…I am sure that mine is allergies, but really, when is the current allergen season over for pete sake.

  3. I’m so glad the cpap machine seems to be working for you. I hope it gets better and better! I also hope your hubby can get used to the noise it makes… That’s one of the reasons I’m reading blogs at 1:59 a.m…. Can’t sleep b/c of my husband’s machine… Then again, it *is* an improvement over his snoring…

    Oh, well, if I’d actually been asleep, the random fireworks show that just began OUTSIDE OF OUR WINDOWS would have woken me up… COME ON, PEOPLE! 2 a.m.????

    Glad nothing seems to be wrong healthwise for you, but I can’t imagine how frustrating your lack of weight loss must be–after following SUCH a strict diet, too!

    Praying for you!!!!

  4. Hmmm….it’s a good thing that nothing is wrong. And you CAN tell a difference with the CPAP…you said you’re not tired in the afternoon, you’re more rested & more energetic….you don’t need a computer chip to tell you that it’s working.

    As for the weightloss…are you moving more? I have completely restructured my diet (though i refuse to give up my dessert for one at night) and i FEEL better but i have not lost any weight. It’s been well over 2 months. Why have i not lost any weight & why am i not surprised? i’m not moving more. If i’d even just go for a walk around the block everyday it would help. But i’m not gaining…so i figure i’m at a sustaining point. If i’d get off my butt…i’d see some results without starving myself.

  5. Tamara……I have the quietest cpap on the planet…Richard can not even hear it, hell I can barely hear it. Does your DH use a full face mask?? I do and I do not have that Darth Vader sound that everyone talks about…well, maybe a little but like I said you can barely hear it.

    Does he take it with him when he travels..I know he is back here in the states often..

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