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OK sooooo

We did not have a huge weekend planned….it turned out more exciting then expected..

Saturday, we were up bright and early for Rocket launch for Spencer and the scouts. Launching is at the fair grounds.  It is a fun event that we love to go and watch…the boys get to launch their rockets twice.  It is fun to watch the excitement on their faces as the rocket they built engine and all, launch going quite high in the sky. Then they chase them down and bring them back for another launch. It was windy on Saturday some of the rockets went about a half mile away…immediately following the launch we had baseball..we missed the first inning but made it for the next two. Griffin and I sat under a tree out in the outfield….he can run till his hearts content and I can still cheer for Spencer and his team. Not many balls come to the out field at this age and certainly not to the way back of the outfield. The rest of the day was spent hanging and playing at home. Being bath night the boys made their way to my bath tub (the jacuzzi type tub) claiming they wanted a big bath…..very usual for them.  So they are all set up and I am in the kitchen and Richard is with them…he apparently went to get his book off the bed and in that time Griffin stood up and tried to grab a bunch of rocks out of a tall vase in the corner of the tubs base…remember this is my bath and I like the serenity of candles and peace during my bath…the vase is about two and a half feet tall and he just could not reach the rocks, he knocked over the vase and it broke into a bazillion pieces, right into the full tub. Spencer escaped unscathed…Griffin not so much.  I get a call from the top of the stairs…mom, come to the bedroom.  So I go up and am met by Richard and Griffin wrapped in a towel going into his bedroom…Richard says check him for cuts and is off to check Spencer. OK….ummmmm…so I begin to look and find a few small cuts that are already starting to stop bleeding…but there are two that are quite large and won’t stop bleeding. One on his leg about an inch and a half long, perfect moon shaped, clean cut and then one on his forearm that looks like it might have glass in it. I try to get it out but I can not tell if it is glass or not. Like I said Spencer is clean. So we collectively decide that he should go to the acute care center and see if there is glass in the cut and if he needs stitches. (Some remember the last visit to the ACC when he was hit smack in the middle of the forehead with the hockey stick and needed 9 stitches.)  So he picks daddy to take him and I get to wait with Spencer who is feeling really bad about his brother and is in tears with worry. So they leave and Spencer and I go and snuggle in my bed and talk about what happened and what we can do differently next time. In about an hour and a half they are home and all glued up.  There was no glass in the cut as was verified with an x-ray. They glued both wounds and sent them on their way…whew…no stitches..the kicker though is that he can not get the glues areas wet for 1 week…that means he misses the first week of his first swim lessons. I am sure they will let us pick it up some other time but that is a bummer he was excited to start them today. Fortunately, he will be OK to swim when we go to St. Louis. (more later about that)

Sunday, much Quieter…thankfully. We went to Gander Mountain to do some window shopping and and then to Woodman’s …We had no plans and that was fine…the boys had fun playing when it wasn’t raining and later in the afternoon we went to see Wall-E…it was a really cute movie with with a great message.  Critics say that this movie will do more for the planet then anything that has happened thus far.  It is cute..go see it. Griffin is not a big movie or television watcher and he fell asleep but that was more due to sheer exhaustion then boredom. Best part (for mom), is we had popcorn for dinner and PB & J when we got home because we were still a little hungry. NO COOKING!!

Now, back to St. Louis. I have an Internet friend (J) that I have known for a little over 2 years. She is from Canada (don’t hold that against her she can’t help where she was born) and adopted two boys from the St. Louis area.  She is coming for a visit with the first father and foster family with the older son. There are a bunch of us that live near here and thought it would be fun to get together since J will be here…so we are congregating in St. Louis for a long weekend. All of us have adopted and all of us are bringing our children for a fun weekend. My only wish is that more of us could get together. There will be 5-6 families but if you know me at all you know I wish it could be 20-30 families. So we are busy planning out the weekend…who will be where when and such.  One friend C, lives in St. Louis so she is the main planner…the Julie of  The Love Boat *insert corny tune* but for our trip so to speak. I. C.A.N’.T W.A.I.T….seriously

Back to the grind of the week..swim lessons every morning this week…


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Our visit..

Sunday we ventured out to Oma and Opa’s for a visit. D, Uncle Alex and Ron, D’s husband, were all there and of course we had to bring our bikes…the boys love to ride with Opa. They usually ride to a local park and play and then head home. Before we went today the boys wanted to spend their allowance so we made a stop before we went and Spencer bought a total stream air…air pressure launched tube missile. similar to this one……and some marbles…Griffin got marbles and a wind up jumpy frog…cute. so of course those came with us on our visit and the rocket launcher was a big hit at the park. W had a great lunch and Oma always has delicious dessert..YUM…

We made plans for Spencer to have his annual summer sleep over and he will be going on his birthday this year. He is really excited to go he loves sleep overs no matter where he is or who he is with. This year though Aunt Judy will not be there (that makes him sad) but D has actually said that he could sleep at her house…that is a big change from the last time where she did not even stay with him at her parents house. I hate to say it but I think she will back out at the last minute and he will end up at his grandparent, like I said he doesn’t really care he loves sleep overs.

Today camp at the Y is in full swing and Spence was really excited to get there…we hit a little construction traffic and he was worried we would be late…I did not tell him that we can drop him off as early as 6AM and pick him up at 6PM… a 9-3 camp is fine for he and I. That is when most of the scheduled activity takes place…the rest of the time is spent as ‘free-time’.

and…..that’s a wrap

Stolen from Votemom…she is back

I stole this from S…she is back from her vacation and in rare form…

so what is new???

really…. not much…

This week is Vacation Bible School…VBS…Spencer has always loved going never a big deal…this is so right up Griffins sleeve but for some reason each day he wants me to stay a little bit…Not wanting to get into that habit I wait a few minutes and then I go.  Part of the problem is that the opening is all the kids in the gym and this bothers him…he tells me there are too many people..but once he is in his classroom with the other preschoolers he is fantastic…so I don’t worry too much about him.

Has the weather not been perfect for those of us who adore 70’s and breezy and no humidity…I am in heaven the windows and doors wide open and the breeze blowing in all night long…I am N.O.T. looking forward to the soon to be upon us days of heat and humidity…so I am getting outside as much as I can now…

I am trying to do crock pot dinner this whole week….it was going splendidly till…I broke he ceramic dish that you cook in….so today I went to the store and got me a new one….because I left the meals to the crock pot and had no back up plan we resorted to bacon and eggs for dinner last night.  Not my favorite thing but the boys ate like horses…that is a good thing I guess.

Next week Griffin and I are on our own again…Spencer will have camp at the Y for the week 9-3 daily. He is really excited about this it is his favorite camp of the summer…r made even better because his twin girl friends will be going the same week that he is this year. He is thrilled….they are too. After that we have both boys in 2 weeks of am swim lessons and then Spencer is off to another week long camp 9-3 daily…actually two different ones two weeks. Then finally 2 more weeks of swimming lessons for both of them and the summer will be 2 weeks from over….

We are trying to take a long weekend in July to go and see a few friends from our adoption world meeting up in St Louis…Richard’s dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is to old and in too poor of health to do many of the offered options. I sadly think, we will have to be going to Florida sometime this year.  Ebraday…not to worry about us being gone when your gone…I think his time might be later in the year…but you never know he has lived far longer then I thought he could he is stronger then I thought. If we are gone at the same time then so be it…nothing can change your vacation now…no worries but I know you that was a thought in your head as soon as you read that about Nick.

So for now not much going on but I did manage to write 500 words about Nothing!!!

for those of you frustrated with my blog…

I am in touch with the WordPress forum to see about finding out why some of you can not post a comment. For now can you clear your cache control+F5 and see if that helps???


ETA: from the forums…

It would be best to log out, clear your browser cache as well as your cookies and then log in again. It might be your browser remembering the page from when you were not logged in.


in firefox go to tools and then clear private data and check cache and cookies…hope it works.. email me if it does not…

you get a story but no photos…

With Spencer and Richard being on their first boy scout camping trip, Griffin and I have been inseparable..by his choice…Today we went to a local villages fair…we had a good time but man it was steaming hot. This was his venture into the fair ….ummmm…fair….he loved all the rides he could go on and went on them twice…the rides he could not go on he was mad at the operator because he IS a big enough boy. Really it was just the tall slide…and he would have been fine at only an inch short but rules are meant to be followed so we did.

We munched on hot dogs and drinks and hit more rides. We did watch the parade that I thought we would be missing most of and instead came at the beginning of it…it was 2 hours long…way to long for a 3.5 year old…they did however, have four large balloon character floating floats I mean large like 10 people holding them to the ground…the kids did get a kick out of them…and the bagpipers they were a hit as were the Shriners riding in various way to small vehicles..

To night we are back to big thunderstorms and huge winds…so this gal is off for now…