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a new kitchen light…well…not new…

It is brand spankin’ new but it is also 4 years old…I was at The Great Indoors when it was closing here in Deerfield. That was four years ago now…can hardly believe it…that was the year Griffin was born and I did not even know it yet!!

Back to the lights…I went with a friend of mine specifically to check out lighting….I wanted something over the counter in the kitchen that was not can lighting, which is what was there. I found these lights originally 290.00 bucks PER LIGHT…good golly what would the sale be…in the end at check out…90 bucks a piece…a deal to good to pass up for hand handmade mouth blown glass shades. Luck would also have it that I wanted blue and they were blue!! Fast forward yesterday….I had called my Uncle to come over to install them. Now, you might be saying why wait soooo long…well, Richard was not sure that he could do the capping of the old can light holes and secure the new lights…so they sat and sat and sat…so I finally had enough with the waiting and called my Uncle and he came and put them in…now all that has to be done is repair of the old hole…any bets on how ling it will take before I hire someone to do it?? The original lights were not centered on the counter so we moved them to be centered and that was an easy fix for the  LIGHTS problem…only now…..2 six inch wide holes..but I LOVE THE…L.O.V.E them

sorry again for the side view..I am a nimrod…one is light on and one is light off…

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  1. very cool light!

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