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Just a quick funny from GRIFFIN

So Richard and I have been talking about how congested Griffin is…that is not a bad thing for a boy with asthma…it means things are flowing and there may not be a need for the nebulizer…in our discussions we say things like ‘he is really plugged up’ or ‘he can’t seem to stop being plugged up’… Griffin says to me today..’mommy I am really PLUGGED IN’….I could not stop laughing and he just kept saying momma I am plugged in…it was THE cutest thing I have heard lately…of course we blew his nose so he wouldn’t be plugged in anymore….

I have to ask my friend Kate in Russia or Moscow mom if in Russia when you are congested you are plugged in or plugged up??


5 Responses

  1. Hey I can comment now!!

    That is realy funny to be plugged in!!


  2. TOO FUNNY!!! And ya know..it makes more sense really…”plugged in…ha choo…plug OUT! Griffin you are a smarter boy that us big folk…;0)

  3. I REALLY wanted to reply to this – I spent five minutes trying to figure out my user name and password. 😦

    Now….what was it I was going to say?

    Oh – that “plugged in” makes a whole lot more sense!

  4. I am glad that you got on…it is very sensible…he is very sensible…

  5. Hmm… Not sure… I’ll have to ask some friends! I only know “congested” in the adult way; I’m not sure about “kid speak.” Too cute!

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