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Scrapbooking…could it be….

I think it is too good to be true…DH is swamped at work..he is always busy busy…that is a good thing no complaints…I would really like to go to scrap book tonight at a friends…I hope he gets in at a reasonable hour so that I can actually scrap book…if not then I will take the computer and organize all my photos in my new Creative Memories Memory Manager…at this point either one is OK with me….

I miss scrap booking every Friday night and really want to get  back into the habit of doing it again…I need to figure a way to make it work even if I work alone, though I prefer to work with others, conversation and idea bouncing is one of the things I like about the hobby. I have a strong desire to get Griffin to a place that Spencer is at…that means do all of Russia and then get current with him then they will be in the same place book wise.

My friend Michelle bought a book by one of the simple scrapbook ladies and I love this woman’s ideas for the completion of the rest of my books. I need to get my things organized in the way that hers are and I will be good.  One thing about cut and paste scrap booking is organization…of pictures and of supplies…I think the way this woman does it works well for me. At least for the photos. My supplies will be organized outside of travel totes when and if I ever get a finished basement.

Her idea is simple…you have a four drawer file box…a Things of everyday life, a places we go , the people we love , all about our family…then in each book you have subcategories..ie in the people book you would have family friends grandparents etc…in the places you might have; home, around town, far away, and you can break those down if you wish…you get the idea….then you have a corresponding album for each main category…you can still do a book for each child for their sport and school and other real personal stuff but the rest gets in one of these books. Go here to ‘see’ her and hear about her book…she has a blog….whoot..I have her on my bloglines…

I am excited to get a handle on my photos again…actually before Griffin came home I was CURRENT….but then life happened…


2 Responses

  1. It’s funny how life gets in the way! I do really well and get 7 or 8 pages done and then I don’t have time (or space!) to scrap for another 6 months, during which 8-9 big things happen that I want to do pages on!

    Good luck getting organized! Maybe I’ll get inspired soon and start up again.

  2. I am going to give it a run Andy….may even start on the scrapbook board…GASP

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