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Boy Scouts…four perish in tornado…

4 Boy Scouts perish in tornado in Western Iowa 48 other injured, the whole story is there…officials speculate that the boys who died were under picnic tables in a shelter that had a large store fireplace…it is thought that they were crushed when the fireplace collapsed on them…please pray for them, that they did not suffer and for their parents who I am sure will never be the same.

Richard is a life long scout…it was a very important part of his younger life…when he was finally to go back to scouting when Spencer started scouts he was elated…Spencer loves scouts he loves the outdoors and everything the scouts stand for. This weekend is the first overnight camp trip for them. They will be going to Camp Makajawan in Perason WI. It is quite far out of the tornado alley we live so near to but now I have new worries…those poor boys…I have so instructed my life long scout that he is to be side by side with Spencer all weekend…if there is severe weather he is to tell Spencer what to do if they get separated…show him places to go to be safe. I have every faith in Richard…the man has been a rock for me more then half my life…but I worry…it is natural…

So, if you find it in you to say a little prayer for those hurt, who may have lost a son or died, remember to add my two in too…just to keep them safe. Thanks

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