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First day….last day…. first grade

Today Spence ended first grade and is on his way to second…bittersweet…I miss that ‘lovey dovey snuggly” boy who would spend time with me when ever I asked…the one who now prefers to spend time with his friends… to watch him grow and become responsible and independent is very rewarding…he has physical changes that are evident but the inner changes, the ones you can not see here are the real rewards I am reaping as his mom…the boy who is learning to cope with others who may not be as respectful as he. He is growing emotionally in every sense of the word. He is also very caring…though it is not evident with his brother often even that is changing…I love to see him snuggle in with Griffin and tell him “little brother, I love you” when he doesn’t think I am listening. His love of life and the outdoors is fabulous…if he could he would be outside all day and he does have the energy to go all day long and then some.

Then tender moments when he is; not feeling well, has had his feeling hurt, missing his friends, cousins…break my heart every time. I think I hurt most when other children are just plain mean…it really hurts him because being mean to a friend is the furthest thing from his mind. The hurts and pains are the worst….but knowing you have to have them when your ‘the mom’ it is part of ‘the job’.

Job….not what I call it…I am privileged to be raising the most fab boys in the universe. At times it is not totally rewarding but those times are far and few between…Job, sends negative connotations of non enjoyment…being their mom is far from that…as one who really worked to be a mom I cannot imagine thinking that this is a job…it is my life, the life I longed for, the life I dreamed of, the life I was finally given…adoption…my life is good, my life is complete…thank you.

OK so it was bright and he could not keep his eyes open today…and he is so pale at the beginning of the summer wow…I also noticed that in the first picture he has his upper front  baby teeth still…now he has two of the biggest big teeth ever…


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  1. beautiful.
    so beautiful.

    your post,

  2. Really lovely… He is such a beautiful boy. Yeah, I know that beautiful isn’t what you usually use to describe little boys, but his heart sure is…

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