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you get a story but no photos…

With Spencer and Richard being on their first boy scout camping trip, Griffin and I have been inseparable..by his choice…Today we went to a local villages fair…we had a good time but man it was steaming hot. This was his venture into the fair ….ummmm…fair….he loved all the rides he could go on and went on them twice…the rides he could not go on he was mad at the operator because he IS a big enough boy. Really it was just the tall slide…and he would have been fine at only an inch short but rules are meant to be followed so we did.

We munched on hot dogs and drinks and hit more rides. We did watch the parade that I thought we would be missing most of and instead came at the beginning of it…it was 2 hours long…way to long for a 3.5 year old…they did however, have four large balloon character floating floats I mean large like 10 people holding them to the ground…the kids did get a kick out of them…and the bagpipers they were a hit as were the Shriners riding in various way to small vehicles..

To night we are back to big thunderstorms and huge winds…so this gal is off for now…

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  1. Sounds like fun! We are still waiting for the fair to come here so we can have our first rides of the season. We love them! And weird local thing…. people here don’t call it the fair, they call it the circus! Crazy!

  2. How fun!! Come to Palatka..there are no rules there..if you have a ticket, you get on (not that I agree with that!)
    At the Blue Crab Festival in Palatka a few weeks back, Joe and Hannah wanted to go on that big pirate ship ride. I said we ought to wait to see how high it went, but they were loading and the lady told them to come on, no problem…OMG..have you seen that ride?? It does not flip over, but CLOSE…Hannah loved most of it except for when it went the highest and it “hurt” her tummy..you know, when you stomach is in your throat kind of feeling..ARGH!
    Glad you guys didn’t cook out there, the heat is FL is pretty nasty too..

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