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so what is new???

really…. not much…

This week is Vacation Bible School…VBS…Spencer has always loved going never a big deal…this is so right up Griffins sleeve but for some reason each day he wants me to stay a little bit…Not wanting to get into that habit I wait a few minutes and then I go.  Part of the problem is that the opening is all the kids in the gym and this bothers him…he tells me there are too many people..but once he is in his classroom with the other preschoolers he is fantastic…so I don’t worry too much about him.

Has the weather not been perfect for those of us who adore 70’s and breezy and no humidity…I am in heaven the windows and doors wide open and the breeze blowing in all night long…I am N.O.T. looking forward to the soon to be upon us days of heat and humidity…so I am getting outside as much as I can now…

I am trying to do crock pot dinner this whole week….it was going splendidly till…I broke he ceramic dish that you cook in….so today I went to the store and got me a new one….because I left the meals to the crock pot and had no back up plan we resorted to bacon and eggs for dinner last night.  Not my favorite thing but the boys ate like horses…that is a good thing I guess.

Next week Griffin and I are on our own again…Spencer will have camp at the Y for the week 9-3 daily. He is really excited about this it is his favorite camp of the summer…r made even better because his twin girl friends will be going the same week that he is this year. He is thrilled….they are too. After that we have both boys in 2 weeks of am swim lessons and then Spencer is off to another week long camp 9-3 daily…actually two different ones two weeks. Then finally 2 more weeks of swimming lessons for both of them and the summer will be 2 weeks from over….

We are trying to take a long weekend in July to go and see a few friends from our adoption world meeting up in St Louis…Richard’s dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is to old and in too poor of health to do many of the offered options. I sadly think, we will have to be going to Florida sometime this year.  Ebraday…not to worry about us being gone when your gone…I think his time might be later in the year…but you never know he has lived far longer then I thought he could he is stronger then I thought. If we are gone at the same time then so be it…nothing can change your vacation now…no worries but I know you that was a thought in your head as soon as you read that about Nick.

So for now not much going on but I did manage to write 500 words about Nothing!!!


7 Responses

  1. Oh, how about that…I remembered my word press password! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about Richard’s Dad.

    Sounds like you guys have an action packed summer — lots for the boys to do.

    And YES, this weather the last couple days has been PERFECT. Wish it’d stay just like this always.

    ~ Rachael

  2. Wow. This is the first I am hearing of Richard’s dad. I’m really sorry. And actually, my trip never even crossed my mind while reading that until you brought it up.

  3. Okay, be excited i’m coming out of lurkdom for this one! Sorry to hear about Richard’s dad! How long have you known? Have you thought of making a trip before to actually spend some time with him? I know if it was one of my parents I would rather spend the time & $$ to see them while they were still able to visit with me. Just something to think of.

    And help me out…I’m a bit confused about why you & SIL can’t be out of town at the same time? I’m nosy & i can’t for the life of me figure it out! lol. And on your way to St Louis give a yell from the highway.

  4. OH and i’d call your SIL to ask but ummm it’s late & i don’t want to wake up her kids!

  5. Sounds like you have a full summer planned!


  6. thanks for the thoughts everyone…Nick is not the easiest person to be with very demanding and belittling..

    D we have thought about going earlier to see him. Richard and his dad are not really close but this does have an effect on him. I don’t know if any of the children will go and see him. He is an odd man,

    Ebraday….I emailed you…and the whole thing with his dad is just unfolding so there is not much that has been missed…it is a relatively new development…he has not been very forth coming with information.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about Richard’s Dad. It’s hard to get news like that. My thoughts are with you all!

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