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Our visit..

Sunday we ventured out to Oma and Opa’s for a visit. D, Uncle Alex and Ron, D’s husband, were all there and of course we had to bring our bikes…the boys love to ride with Opa. They usually ride to a local park and play and then head home. Before we went today the boys wanted to spend their allowance so we made a stop before we went and Spencer bought a total stream air…air pressure launched tube missile. similar to this one……and some marbles…Griffin got marbles and a wind up jumpy frog…cute. so of course those came with us on our visit and the rocket launcher was a big hit at the park. W had a great lunch and Oma always has delicious dessert..YUM…

We made plans for Spencer to have his annual summer sleep over and he will be going on his birthday this year. He is really excited to go he loves sleep overs no matter where he is or who he is with. This year though Aunt Judy will not be there (that makes him sad) but D has actually said that he could sleep at her house…that is a big change from the last time where she did not even stay with him at her parents house. I hate to say it but I think she will back out at the last minute and he will end up at his grandparent, like I said he doesn’t really care he loves sleep overs.

Today camp at the Y is in full swing and Spence was really excited to get there…we hit a little construction traffic and he was worried we would be late…I did not tell him that we can drop him off as early as 6AM and pick him up at 6PM… a 9-3 camp is fine for he and I. That is when most of the scheduled activity takes place…the rest of the time is spent as ‘free-time’.

and…..that’s a wrap

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