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This week…

I’m not sure if I will get here much this week…I know that my friend Vote likes daily notes….I try but really I am not that interesting…

SO what is on tap…week two of swim lessons…Griffin is able to partake this week since it is over a week since the glass in the tub incident…he took a long bath last night and was fine..no bleeding and no pain!! He is really excited to begin…he is a fish and loves the water….he wants his dad to take him but that is nothing unusual…I will sit by the pool and watch them both.  Remembering the camera would be good too as this is Griffins first swim lessons ever…

Spencer is enjoying his too.  They work the kids hard for 45 minutes straight. I like that…no play all work…laps and stoke advice and a little lifesaving it is all good.  In the past I have taken him to a different community for swim lessons but for ME the red cross lessons are the best.

We also have a few play dates on schedule…Monday we are seeing my fellow teaching pal Kelly and her kids Cole and Kate. We have not been able to match schedules yet so this is going to be a great play date. Spencer and Cole are almost one year apart and they play really well together. Kate is about 2 years younger then Griffin…they play but not really together…though Griffin puts his whole heart into it.

Then we have a play date with Ms. Marjuanna and Rebecca.  She is a friend of mine from scrap booking but is also another Cradle mom…Rebecca and Spencer are 6 months apart. They do not always play well together but about a month ago we got them together and they played mostly by themselves for about 2.5 hours beautifully. We were able to visit and Griffin was able to show off for her…he loves that.

Then mommy M.U.S.T. pack for our weekend in St. Louis. I think I am the most excited for this because after all it is so that I can meet up with some of my friends from the adoption boards. But the boys are really excited to a. meet new friends, b. swim in the pool, c. sleep in a hotel, and D. go into the arch. Getting ready for the trip will require me cleaning out the car and packing things for the kids to do as well as all the usual stuff…I am want to bring food for lunch while we travel because I don’t want to stop on the way. SO mom will be busy.

The boys have spent the weekend biking at various Forest Preserves in the area. Griffin has mastered the two wheeler with training wheels and already wants to take them off. They also went to the local pool for a swim with friends down the street. Mommy spent her alone time making scrap book pages for the wall. I will have to try to get a photo on here…I know Vote….Cpap and Glasses…glasses have not come in yet…I am hoping for Monday….I think I might chop my hair too…

Finally, we had a super fourth. As I eluded previously, to we stayed in the culdesac and had food and drinks and fun.  The Fireworks we all chipped in for were great and the police did not show up. That was a real coo. The other great thing is that the only one who got hurt was me…nothing time won’t heal…and a little bandage…


2 Responses

  1. did you get burned??

    yes, you ARE interesting, you just don’t want to show the world ;o)

    check your email.

  2. I did not get burned….I was sitting on the ground by the roads curb and lit and threw a firecracker….it was a rolling one…I threw it across the street but it rolled back at me…I was trying to get up fast tripped over a rock border around the mail box and ended up flat on my back with a sliced arm and scraped up knee….I am fine…I checked my email and I am sad…the end.

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