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POTLUCK….you lucky dog…

So since the return home we got back to the usual grind…Spencer had Prehistoric Dig camp all week 9-3 with the Forest Preserve and he LOVED it….lots of fun things to do.  Every day he came home so filthy…must be good if you get as dirty as he was…he is just exhausted…He also had his final tee ball game last night with a pizza party that followed.  It was fun to talk with the other moms after the excitement of the games.

Griffin and I have been hanging…we did vacation laundry on Monday and mommy got caught up on some of her computer time…Griffin wants to be outside every day…he gets out there and then about 15 minutes later he is ready to be inside. I think he thinks it gets cooler as the day progresses or he just has a short memory because he is always asking to go out again after about an hour. Either way he cracks me up.

This weekend has promised rain…..we are supposed to go to Spencer’s classes picnic at a park near by.  His teacher and I talked today and she is going even if she has to hop from car to car to visit…she is hysterical. I hope that the morning stays rain free that way the kids can see each other and play and then go home and sit inside for the rest of the weekend. Spencer is looking forward to seeing some of his buddies he has not seen all summer.

Next week is the last week that Spencer is on the go he will have all of August to chill out before school starts. His teacher remarked that he will have to come back to school for a break….she is kind of right!!!

SO till next time…..