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What is it about County Fairs and…

Monster truck rallies…

We have always taken Spencer to the Monster Truck races at the County Fair…he has loved them forever. We did take Griffin but he was too young to remember….this year he was all a buzz about them because his cousin had said something about going to see them. He chattered on and on about smashing cars and B I G trucks…speaking in the deepest voice a three almost four year old can muster. So Last night was THE NIGHT. We finally were going to go to the MTR as we call it. All week this week they are running at 7PM…the whole thing lasts about an hour. They do a suped up riding lawn mower race…hummm maybe someday my FTD brother will supe up his John Deer and participate…now that I would pay good money to see…anyway..they do a car crushing derby and then they do a drag race and then free style..which they crush more cars.

So we head off to the fair about 5:30 and take in a few carnival rides and a sweet snack for the boys and we head to the arena at 6:30. We plug in our children with ear plugs and get ready to rumble. We live in a fairly large county the first and only county north of Chicago. The viewership for the MTR is pretty big..they usually fill the arena on three sides. Who do we see come sit within 10 feet of us but my SIL and her two children and her sister and her youngest son. How is that possible…of all the places they could sit…10 feet from us. I did not even know which day they were coming to see the MTR, so random….so we sat together, but anyone who has attended a MTR knows that all you do is SIT near each other there is no talking or pleasant conversation…it is way to dang loud and you should have your ear plugs in.

SO with the introductions we find there is a lady driver…wooohooo and she was really good actually better then the guys. Later Griffin asks me if I would be afraid to drive a monster truck…hmmmm no…I think I could do it. Anyway, first out car smashing…no flattening:

then we watch them drag race…two by two…they are very loud…there is one truck that is so loud that at its loudest I did not hear some of the noise…that is loud…at that point I decided to put ear plugs in as my ears were itching really bad and something told me that was not right. Sitting next to us was this little old couple probably in their late 70’s early 80’s they were frail looking and had no ear plugs. They were somewhat rowdy when the actual racing was going on…cute…way to cute….when they sat down we thought they would be very quiet and just watch.

so this is Spencer watching the trucks with his ear plugs in and holding them…it was still loud but not deafening. The other is of Spencer and Hailey, his cousin.

Then there is my true “redneck Russian”…belly hangin’ out and all…it that even possible? Redneck Russian?

If you did not get enough of those pictures above here are a few more…

We will be back next year…better prepared with better ear plugs….for all of us…


2 Responses

  1. That looks like great fun! Liam loves Monster trucks, especially Grave Digger! Mwah ha ha!!!

  2. Looks like fun, sounds very loud. My DH (who used to work at making electronics for hearing aides) would never take us there.

    Way cool, meeting up with your SIL!

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