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Friday Five…wait it is Saturday….

OK so Heather tagged me with her Friday Five….go here to see the original…

1) Where do you belong?

at home with my family…
2) What do you carry?

a big stick and I walk tall too…
3) What do you know?

more then I care to but usually not much
4) What is strange to you?

unlike Andy…I do not find Penises strange….but strange is relative…and hey I have not posted the word penises yet…so I guess it is strange to me that Andy things Penises are strange..ha..how many times did I say Penises…
5) Where are you going?

Everywhere and nowhere..

Thanks Heather…for allowing me to say Penises and for the fun game…I think I am going to tag my friend Jen….the three of you figure out which one I mean!!

One Response

  1. Somebody has to like penises, or at least find them not weird!

    May as well be you!

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