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Weekend wrap up….

Yesterday was one of those days that you love to have dropped into your lap. Nothing planned and it is a gorgeous day….normally that would mean time outside for the day for this family…however, I let Spencer play outside all day on Saturday without a shirt on and he had a deep sunburn across his back and shoulders.


This was the first time this summer.  Now, my little very Italian boy usually never burns…he has yet to get a sunburn at all in the last 6 years.  Most years, the ones before he decided to wear a body glove shirt, he would gradually tan and not burn. Since the decision to wear the shirt, his body does not get sun gradually….so, on a hot mid summer day, his mom lets him go out with out a  shirt or sunscreen…What a proud mommy moment for me. So, here it is two days alter and he is still sore…still hot and still complaining….I take it is stride…it is my fault and I feel terrible. We have an aloe plant that I rip stalks off and cover him with…I have some great ‘after sun lotion’ but still the pain and heat remain.

Back to Sunday …

In my quest to find something inside to do that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg we sit around, the four of us talking, while we clean off our big play table.  I come up with the idea to take the train somewhere and have lunch and then come back. So we call friends that live about 5 train stops away see if they want to meet up for lunch and the park (theirs is shaded so the sun will not ravage Spencer’s poor back anymore.  It is a so…we gather ourselves up and take the metra and head to their town.  Griffin’s first ride on a real train, not the one at the zoo. He loved every minute of it, all 26 minutes in fact. It was fun.I had not taken the train in a few years. (Well, the Siberian train in Russia but that was not what I am talking about.) So we got off and our friends were there waiting for us…we walked to the park and the dads went for burgers and dogs and we had a picnic and played.  It was a great 2 hours visit. We hit the train to come home and enjoyed the ride just as much. The boys decided they want to go again for a longer ride…so I guess we will take the hour train ride to Chicago.  I think they will get bored but that is OK…

Once we got home our small pool was in the shade and Spencer and Griffin wanted to swim…they are hysterical in the pool…it is up to Griffins waist and Spencer’s knees but they have a blast running and slamming into it head first.

I am looking forward to another day like that one so that we can get out and enjoy more of the nice weather…it is rare for that in summer around here.

NO menu this week…I am a looooooser but that is OK I will shoot for next week.

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