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Do your ears hang low, do you hear with each of them…

Wait that is not how the song goes….well, if you don’t hear will you might think it does. Which explains a lot about how Griffin hears and sings songs….

So for a few months we have noticed that Griffins speech has declined, albeit slight, we’ve noticed. He also is constantly asking us to turn up the radio, television or speak louder…he is also becoming a loud talker..we have had three visits to the ENT now and todays visit went like the last two…he has no tube in the right ear and the tube is in place in the left. It has fluid with air bubbles which means the fluid is moving …I told him we are still concerned and told him about the change in his speech.  He says that since it has been three months with no change we should have his hearing tested.

Now, talk about service, the next office is affiliated with them and they have an opening and he can have his hearing tested right now.  Cool beans. We go over and the audiologist tests him…his left ear tube is completely blocked and the right ear has some tymponic loss. She proceeds with he rest of the testing and he has very little hearing in the left ear and mid range hearing in the right ear. MY POOR BABY!!  She sends us back to the ENT and he says indeed we should replace the tubes and maybe remove the adenoids. We tak about Griffin, does he snore…no, is he prone to sinus infections…no, let’s take a look.  Griffin opens that mouth real wide and the Doctor says well there is no real good reason to take the adenoids out, he has a split uvula and that is the final closure of the palate. If we do the surgery there is a bigger chance that he could have this reflux..(I forgot the name,  RN. Ebraday or DR. Rachael might chime in with the name) where you drink and the fluids go out the nose instead of down the throat. It is repairable but he really doesn’t see a reason for adenoid removal at this time. If he comes to need another set of tubes he says we should consider the adenoid removal and he will have more information on that for us should the need arise.

LUCKY me…and I mean that…I got to find out that during Griffin’s prenatal growth, when the palate was forming, it  did not finish, had he been born a few weeks earlier, he would have had a minor cleft palate.  The things that make us moms excited.

SO now we go back for tubes part Duex…more to come stay tuned.


4 Responses

  1. Poor kid. At least you know now!

    And about the name thing…ENT is not really my thing. Sorry.

  2. Wrong end of the body right Rach…hehehe

  3. Hey I think I figured this comment thing out! 😉

    Greg had tubes 3 times by his fourth birthday, Eric had them FOUR times by his 3rd birthday.

    Greg had some semi-permanent hearing damage that has resolved as he grew up (around age 12 or so).

    Just sending you hugs and support.

  4. i’m thankful with you for the open appointment – i love when that happens!

    poor griff – but at least you can move forward now and get things fixed.

    my paul had 3 sets.

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