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Donating blood.

My boys and their dad are right now camping with the Cub Scouts at a near by Forest Preserve. It is a beautiful location and the boys all seem to be having a blast…there will be about 100 pepole at this gathering tomorrow and then again on Sunday with most tent camping. I just left there but I have to say this…

I think I donated enough blood to the mosquito population to keep then going for the next several hundred years.  Holy bugs batman…I think I have about 15 bites and I was sprayed with the good stuff and was only out there about 15 minutes. I can not fathom how badly eaten up my boys will be by Sunday. Fortunatly I am bringing Griffin home with me tomorrow and so there will be one less in the blood supply way..

Any suggestions on spray that is not OFF! Deep woods??? Cuz apparently our woods are far too deep. Also, what diseases do I have to look for now on my boys…cuz with that many bites there are bound to be something triggering to them.  More later when they get home on Sunday!!

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