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Donating more blood…

I arrived at the camp this morning all gung ho to have a great day. The weather was cooperating I had sprayed every inch of my body with a thick coat of bug spray and there was gentle breeze in the air. As I walked to camp I noticed Griffin running off to the tent and Spencer playing with friends…Richard was chatting with some of the other parents…I had stopped at the store and bought after bite stuff…I handed it to Richard and he looked at me and said…umm Griffin was eaten alive…OK so how bad could it be??  I walk to the tent and see him sitting with his back to me.

He turns.

I look.

I gasp.

I tear up.

I hug and hold him.

He has no less then 50 mosquito bites on his itty bitty body with about 10 on his face alone. One eye is swelling closed and his legs…bites that go completely around his little calves.

I am the worst mommy ever.

no, wait.

I left him in the capable care of his dad.

What the hell happened.

It would seem that most of the younger children at camp suffered the worst. Not knowing to slap them as they bite. Even with reapplication the mosquitoes were just vicious. SO I spray him head to toe with itch stuff…it works for about an hour.  I reapply…finally at 1:30 he and I leave…he crashes in the car almost immediatly. My poor little bug…once home he takes a warm bubble big bath with the jets on. His request.  I am happy to do anything I can to make him feel better.  We are then off to get Zyrtec and dose him up.  An hour later the itching has totally subsided and he is comfortable. There is a slight chance that I over did the dose but he is comfortable…

I could not bring myself to photograph him..he looks so pitiful…he has amtching bites under each eye and next to each eye and one or two on the one lid….