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Sometimes you just know

that there is a higher, more powerful force, driving this life…

Randomly, I was looking through papers to day with no real purpose.  I wanted to find out the date that we went to court with Griffin in Russia.  The trip is such a blur as it was such a whirlwind…I thought we had been to court on the 22nd of December, at like 5:30 Russia time, is when the decree came through.  Smarties what time does that make it here in the good old USA??

So, reading through the papers, I was reminded that Griffin, then Andrey, became available for adoption on January 11th, 2005. Yep, my birthday…while I had not really forgotten that it just isn’t something you remember daily. I remember then thinking that this was so cool…he and I were meant to be together. I was reminded of that revelation again today…brought a smile to my face.

I continued reading through the stack of papers and towards then end I cam e upon the paper that talks about his birth family. His birth mom Olga and an unnamed birth father.  My mind was wandering thinking about them and what their lives might be like today…I googled Olga’s full name, nothing..silly me…I also have the names of her mother and her brother and his wife and Griffins half sister she lives with family in Glazov, Russia. Still wandering I thought about that little girl that we never had a chance to adopt much less see.. the family was not interested in letting both children come to the USA. She lives in Glazov to this day as far as we know.

So, on one of the last pages it lists Griffin’s birth moms age and birth date….while I sat there calculating how old she was then and how she was currently I looked down again and saw the TODAY is her actual birthday.  August 3. What are the odds that randomly I am looking at his papers today…the day of his birth moms bitrh??  I was amazed…I thought about her and how she might be celebrating if she is at all…is she well… is she hurting from missing her children…how does she feel being.. 26! TODAY…she and I are lifetimes away, two women who will never meet sharing one sweet child…she celebrates today…we wonder if she is OK. In another life could we share with each other the love of this boy. Could we meet and befriends each other.

Somewhere across the world a mom is missing out on the most precious child…she is 26 today…Happy Birthday Olga. He knows your name he knows your love he knows who you are to him……may you be as enlightened by this day as I was…I pray that my gift to you,  across the ocean, a happy birthday song by our son and us and a gift of peace find you the way it found me.


5 Responses

  1. That was very sweet.

    Happy Birthday Olga.

  2. What interesting coincidences! I hope Olga can sense your happy birthday sweet sentiments where ever she is!

    Here’s another weird coincidence that I too found when going through my court documents after we were home: the day of Katya’s parental termination hearing was on my birthday. Weird, huh?

  3. Happy Birthday, Olga.

    Thanks for sharing, Debi. I love these stories!

  4. wow.

  5. Yep, gotta love those coincidences, like H sharing my birthday.

    Glazov is 10 hours ahead of us. So 5:30 p.m. is 7:30 a.m. in Chicago. (www.worldtimeserver.com)

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