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The decision…Florida…no Florida??

Well, the decision has been made…in one week we are on our way to Florida to meet up with a 5 other families that adopted from Glazov.  We are going to have the opportunity to meet up with our translator Svetlana while there as one of the local families has very generously decided to have a picnic in her honor at their home.  Richard aid that this is just too important of a thing to miss and that we can figure out how to pay for it later!! ACK! Griffin will get to meet I think 7 others from his baby home and see Svetlana again.  While he wont remember it it will be a photographic moment and he will have those memories. Those of you who formed a bond with the people from the orphanages know that this is a big deal and we should not let it slip through our hands.  So we will go from Wednesday late drive till Richard is tired and then finish in the morning.  We will do the same to come home. It will be a long trip for such few days butlike I said it is worth every fast minute of it.


Adopting from Korea…

I have a friend that I met on line at an adoption forum…through talking with her there I learned that she is from Illinois and after a little more conversation I learned that she was using the same agency that we did, The Cradle small world this Internet is. She and husband had an interesting trip to Russia to adopt their son. Highlights of the trip were not limited to her husband being in a Russian Hospital in excruciating pain while trying to pass Kidney stones for days.

Jen, Steve and their son hope to bring a sister home for R in the future from Korea. Adoption from Korea is a lengthy process. Longer then in Russia for sure. So in order to begin to raise funding for the agency costs, they are compiling a cookbook.  If you have recipes you would like to include to help them fill out the book and then maybe make the very small donation to buy one that would be fantastic.