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OK so before I get all caught up from my last post

I have to tell you all about this shopping thing I am doing and loving…It is a stock piling thing but I think sooo worth it…just watch how much I saved today alone.

Part of my commitment to me and to my family this year was to be a better planner and more frugal….I am really working hard on the planning and getting better every time…I don’t always post it here but I do it most weeks.

Now for the frugal part…Grocery Game .com is the place that I am falling madly in love with…and if you decide that this is for you please use my penguin1dp@ att. net address as a referral so I get free weeks…further explanation…I have a neighbor who I bumped into last week at Walgreen’s…we go to talking about the economy and all my lists that I had…she said she goes to Grocery Game…we talked a bit more an it sounded oerfect for me. I paid my buck for a free four week trial…and I am never turning back…NO GIMMICKS NOTHING…it is simple and if after you look through it you need help understanding or want to know more I am happy to help out.

SO today… I did my first coupon cut and run…I had three papers at a buck a piece and cut out coupons only for the things that we use …I am not brand happy on every thing I use so this works even better for me…I mean a paper towel is a paper towel right??

here we go…now remember I am stockpiling too …but some of these I needed this week…at Walgreen’s my total was 125.55 I had 59.47 in coupons with a total Out of pocket (oop) of 66.08…saving 53%

off to CVS total 37.23 coupons of 19.32 OOP 17.91…however…I have been transferring prescriptions to CVS from Target and getting gift cards…I have doen this for about 300 bucks in gift cards…so I used a GC to pay the total and I paid nothing OOP!!!

lastly Jewel…total was 131.57 I had preferred and coupon total of 50.74 leaving me with a balance of 80.83 for a 61% savings…

My stock pile is now getting full with paper towel, napkins, Kleenex, shampoo, deodorant, dish washing soap, hand soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and many other things.¬† I did not pay more then a buck for any of these things and most of them around $.70. I will continue to buy things when they are dirt cheap but will also start stock piling on things that I can freeze or store in my cabinets…

Have I said I am loving this yet…oh yeah and there are different stores for different ares of the USA…and for those who live West of me…ahem…Meier is also on the list…

I am looking forward to saving more each week and to getting having more spending money for us weekly. Once we all have a good stock pile of the things we use everyday all we really need is the perishables…and let me tell you about this lady that bought 15 heads of broccoli and then cut it all up and used a food saver to put it into deep freeze…OH YEAH and she only spent 13.50…and it is enough to last her family all winter and spring!! But that is another story…


6 Responses

  1. You are an inspiration! I bow down to you.

    I should get my butt in gear doing this too. Oh boy, if S. saw this he would sign me up!

  2. So, if I wanted to do Meijer, Jewel, and Walgreens, it would be $20? And do you have to buy a paper every week to get the coupons or can you print them off the computer?

  3. to answer you Deb…yes, 20 for 8 weeks…2.50 a week…a lot of the coupons you can print off the computer…I do the paper just on Sunday for $.99 sometimes I will get two if there is a good reason. so your out of pocket per week would be for the year..180 bucks…3.50 a week…your savings will be much more…but just use the trial for a month for a buck and see if it is for you…

    Jen…it does not take too much time and right now you are one girl with time on her hands…you will be able to get a handle on it before “SHE” comes home…you can get started using the good prices on diapers and wipes now while you are still waiting for her to come home.

    Even if you guys don’t do it thanks for being loyal readers.

  4. Good work!

    Now, how about some pics from your trip ;>) ?

  5. hey i found you. wtg on all the money saving. you better not post pics of your trip before posting pics of your CPAC and your NEW GLASSES.

  6. I just signed up! It is a lot of reading at first but I know that is just the beginning..now it sounds like you have to do the coupon collecting yourself…flyers and books in stores and the Sunday newspaper…tell me where I can get these things online…
    I posted lots of Glazov reunion pics on my blog at
    http://www.lovefromrussia.blogspot.com if anyone wants to check it out..or Debi if you want to use the address in a post so people will see it. I have some precious ones on Hannah and Griffin..I think I have like 5 posted there (did more today) Luv ya!

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