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Then there was FAY…

…we called the airlines to see if our flight was indeed canceled, as we had thought it would be in preparation for hurricane FAY,  it was rescheduled for the following morning, Wednesday….at O ungodly early am….Wednesday…that gave us another day to sneak in some more fun.  We headed off to Ginnie Springs so that the boys could do a little snorkeling.  Of course the big boy complained the most about how cold the water was but the younger two did just fine.  Spencer loves the water and really wants to scuba dive.  He wanted so badly to go into the caves that are underneath the springs.  We saw people going in and out of them all day.  It is a cool place…I might even indulge next time. Make sure you click on the second one and read under the dangerous cave wording..

once we finished off there, which BTW it is a great place with lots of springs, privately owned, right on the river, with all the things you could possibly need to snorkel or scuba for the day.  You can even camp there…and OH YEAH… beautiful…we headed back to grans…she wanted to take us to a little place she and my dad found years ago…in Ozello…it was a cute place very Florida…but nice…we were one of three tables there…it is smack on the shore of the Gulf and with a Hurricane coming most had left..but we had a geat meal and a great time.  We also all ate alligator…

we all liked it…Spencer liked it the most he is the reason we ordered it…it was a little tough but not too bad.  Griffin was not too sure about it but he did eat one piece.  So did my mom and Richard after both saying that they would not. It was bright white in color and had a little rubbery texture but nothing like a clam or oyster. I won’t say chicken but yeah, a little like chicken…ours was deep fried and was served with cocktail sauce. It really was not bad at all…and for those of you who remember, I did not eat much aside from PB and J, bananas, salad and pelmini in Russia. So this was a good start for me.

Anyway, we headed home on Wednesday at O’ungodly hour and all was fine.  Both flights (layover of about 12 minutes in Atlanta)  were booked solid.  Even the jump seat with Delta pilots in them.  It was interesting.

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