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Tubes part two

so today Griffin got his second set of ear tubes.  What a champ…

the morning went a little like this…

Griffin who do you want to take you to the hospital…


OK mom will do bus duty with Spence


So they left at what we thought was 5:45 AM turned out that the clock was messed with and the time was off an hour early…UGH they were there an hour early.

I got Spence on the bus at the usual and head home 30 minutes later Griffin and dad were home…Griffin was great, HUNGRY, but great did not cry when he woke up after the proceedure…just looked at the nurse and said hey, where’s my dad…she giggled took him to Richard and 30 minutes later they were headed home. After his two bowls of cereal he wanted to go to school…so we went to the meet and greet today for the last 45 minutes.  He was his same ole self…like he did not have surgery that morning.

HE.LOVED.SCHOOL. he can not wait to go Friday.

So we are on to a new school year and new tubes and all is right….for now.

3 Responses

  1. I’m glad that the procedure went well. Friday will be exciting!!!

    Happy new school year!

  2. What a brave little guy!

  3. awww that is such terrific news!

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