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So maybe I am a bad blogger…..


I promise to come back…I am just a little bit behind the eight ball right now…….

but I do love ya Sybille

5 Responses

  1. ummmm, nobody called you a BAD blogger. somebody just said it was time for an update.

    i miss you too. when can we meet for lunch?

  2. when can you meet me half way????

  3. hmmm… is there a zoo or something 1/2 way? on a saturday???

    sorry i missed your call today. i was home, but a friend came by for lunch so i was letting the machine get calls.

    we need to figure something out before winter.

    although…. maybe a weekend in chicago….?? i’ll ponder that one.

  4. how about a weekend just north or Chicago…

  5. Maybe this will help with the blogging:

    Tag, you’re it! http://nobody-but-yourself.blogspot.com/2008/10/tagged-meme-time-lucky-seven.html

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