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do you WOOT?? EBATES??

OK so I have a new little place I like to check out once in awhile. It’s called WOOT…it is a fun little place to go to get one deal each day…sometimes you may not want or need it and some days you might hit a good thing. I have been able to get some great deals…CHEAP…today they are having a Woot OFF….what it means is that they sell an item till it goes….then they list a new one.  Usually it is one item one day….you also can get a BOC bag of crap. It can be something as mundane as several earbuds or a big screen TV…some that I talk to on the forum have received SUPER BOC’s. OH and they are a buck. SO if you get a chance check them out sometime…it is kinda fun. DID I MENTION super fantastic prices??? almost unbelievable.

How about Ebates….another place to go to save a little more money…it is like the script card only you get the money on your pay pal account. So say I am looking for a wii fit…(I am not) and I go to ebates and type it in the search and it finds it at stores and tells me how much it is.  Tells me how much I will get back in ebates to my pay pal account. Have not used it yet…but if I do (and if you do make sure you put my att.net address in as a referral.) it will be soon there is a game tht Griffin wants for Christmas and I think I can get it with an additional 3% back!!!


Officially week nine is over…

of the Grocery Game. I have had shelf costs (SC)of $2202.44 and an savings (SAV) of $1424.33 that is a 65% savings over the last 9 weeks.  Can I just tell you how astounded I was to read the numbers…about 90 bucks OOP a week for a family of four. Let me tell you all five readers…that is is a far cry from where I was at every week…FAR…less then half. I am amazed and overjoyed.

Last week I spent 53 bucks on groceries…the rest we spent having fun for our family day weekend…expensive dinner and Field trip to a farm…lots of little extras here and there that we usually don’t allow.  It was super and I owe it all to the grocery game. There is not way I could have done that and continued to feed my family in this economy NEVER.

So I say to you,… if you have not even taken your ‘four weeks for a buck; yea, one dollar, trial,you now have substantied proof. NO I am not buying things I did not already by.  No I did not stockpile things will never use…no I have not gone over my budget to get to this point.  In fact I found it easy to stockpile what I have and still get the things I needed for the week. I do get two and sometimes three papers a week.  My mom sends me her coupons but I could still do this without hers.

I don’t know but maybe I am a bad chef…I make things like grilled pork chops with spatzle or potato dumplings an a frozen fresh veggie for dinners.  I make soups and salads, pot roasts are loved with all the veggies, Turkey/chicken breasts with all the trimmings. We eat lunch at home, leftovers of PB and J or lunchmeat even chicken nuggets. Breakfast if cereal most week day mornings but we do pancakes and eggs and oatmeal and a ton of other things.I am able to cook the same way with brand and off brand products.  When I tell you I have laundry detergent, soft soap, dish soap, dishwashers soap, toothpaste, TP, papertowels, napkins, cleaning products, cling wrap, foil, wax, bleach, shampoo, conditioner (even DH Head and Shoulders), bar soap, deoderant, floss you name it I have enough for a year.  I have fresh froxen veggie and fruit in the freezer, with a huge tip from a fellow gamer about the food sealer being on sale for 60 bucks at kohls one week when I had the extra cash. Now I can freeze lots of stuff. In the outside freezer I have enough meat for 5 months and then some….with the exception of Milk and Eggs and other highly perishable things…I do not HAVE to shop for about 3-4  months!  at $90 a week I COULD save a ton. Like 2,500 bucks. However, I will not be doing that unless I HAVE TO…I will keep my stock pile level until (and I hope never) I need to deplete it.

OK I have bored the five of you enough…let me know what you think…comment already would ya.

Political POLL. yeah, you read that right!!

I know I had spelling errors…I will do better next time…it was my first….awwww..now vote wouldya

Unknown, early birthday celebration

SO Sunday we had set up a late get together with Oma and Opa and Spencer’s birth mom D.  No surprise that when we arrived at 3:15 she was not there yet.  in fact she did not show up until about 5:45…with her husband. D does not drive…never has probably never will. She waits for rides or calls home to get them.  She had called about 3 minutes before we got there to have her dad go get her. He said he could when we arrived. Then she called back and said she had to shower and could he come later. Then she called back and said that her DH was home and he would bring her in a little bit.  Nearly 3 hours later she arrived. Her mom and I had a talk about it and we will now pick her up when ever we are coming because her house is on our way. That way Spencer will not be wondering if she is going to show up or not. Problem solved..she just needs to be ready when we get there….we will give her an hours notice that should suffice.

SO we had a super visit. Something we did not expect was a birthday celebration for Griffin complete with cannoli. Now, the thought of celebrating Griffin’s birthday, with a very Italian dessert, is just plain ole funny to me…actually doing it,… made me laugh out loud. It was very yummy and made fresh that afternoon at the local Italian bakery.  Griffin was not impressed with it and he ate wafer cookies..so much more like a Eastern European cookie…See maternal birth family is more then half Italian and and paternal birth family is like nearly 100 % Italian.  This is the way they always celebrate. Spencer has a deep love for the cannoli…inbred I would suspect…but Griffin not so much…give the boy a good fruit filled blini and a cup of hot tea and he is set.

Then there were gifts…I was so not prepared…they had asked me for sizes and such but I figured that it would be for us to take home…alas we opened gifts and Griffin was ecstatic to get the same fishing pole his brother did and Tony Hawk clothing just like his big brothers…he is so excited to go fishing agin with daddy and Spence.

It was a late night after 10 when we finally got home.  It was a good visit and Spencer spent time with D and A his Uncle. They played Wii and Xbox games for about an hour…strict rules with me for those video games.  We also got to see the pictures from the vacation they took to see Aunt J in Baltimore. They did a lot in the two+ weeks they were gone…lots of national parks and forests. Some of the photos were postcard worthy for sure. All in all it was a fun day.

Family Day/22nd Anniversary Day recap

SO another year of Wedded bliss for Richard and I…we celebrated so many of these days wondering if we would ever be parents that it seemed fitting to put the two together…

We began with a trip to the Green Meadows farm. The boys can not get enough of this place nor can we….we just love it.  Hands on all day…nice picnic lunch under a ginormous (Griffins word) shade tree.  Hay ride pumpkin patch we did it all. We began with a bit of time with the baby chicks and bunnies…OK we spent a lot of time with them. The boys help and petted and played with them all…This is Spencer’s favorite part he talks about it for days before we go.  After that we saw the pigs and chickens and help and chased each one. Spencer is able to get the chickens now so that is always fun to watch..Griffin try as he did could not catch on…Spencer was kind enough to share. The pigs grunted the entire time and the boys did not care nor were they intimidated. Then….the kitten barn…OMG the boys would spend the day there if we would let them.  Of course daddy has to stay near the door because of his allergies, he needs the fresh air, but the boys did not care…they got to love on each and every kitten there. Admittedly, I enjoyed the one kitten that climbed over me…sat on my head for awhile and then on my shoulder.  He was funny.  We spent too much time with them.  We saw a mommy pig and her less.then.month.old, piglets who were feeding…Spencer remarked that she had 16 nipples and only 10 piglets so she could help out another pig mommy if need be. Good observation and thought my boy. That was fun to see…Griffin just watched silently in amazement.  After that we rode the ponies.  This was Spencer’s last year because they stop you after 2nd grade. Spencer has been riding those ponies, every year, sometimes twice a year, since he was 2. Kind of a sad day for mommy. After we caught our picnic lunch we headed to see Jenny the cow.  She is the milk giving cow and every one who visits the farm gets to milk her as much as they want if they want.  The boys got the penis laugh out of themselves and then took to milking again. They were more interested this time in how that actually happens.  We talked at great length about it. I am sure Jenny was happy to have us leave. After a brief visit with the goat, who have lost all appeal with the boys, we did our hay ride. It is always very bumpy but very fun. A visit to the hay silo for a little jumping around fun as well as hay tossing…we gathered a pumpkin from the field and headed home.

The day was beautiful and ended today with a visit to our favorite fish house, World renowned Bob Chinn’s.  We hall had fish and clam chowda and the boys had a little chocolate ice cream to top off their tummies.

A shout out to my brother and his wife celebrating on the 14th and to really good friends Shawn and Kelly with whom we share our anniversaryday with. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS.

EDITED TO ADD>>>>my dear sweet Griffin wanted to wear his Russian shirt and asked his daddy if he could wear it even though he wans’t in Russia or going to Russia today…awwwwwww.

What would you be…

So, we have been invited to a Halloween party and must be in costume to be allowed entry…we want to go but have no idea what to do about costumes.  Being a large woman (I know your shocked) costumes are not easy to come by..I was thinking of throwing on my dress from all the black tie Cradle events we went to but …well I just don’t know….what would Richard be then…I would like to be somewhat of a pair ya know?? So, here I sit taxing my brain to come up with something for us to be…..something cheap but fun…finding costumes for the boys was a breeze….finding one for Richard would be easy but I guess it all comes down to me. (Of course it does…it is all about me each and every time anyway right??)…I am looking for a few good ideas…so let’s hear them….

Next is the sitter issue. I called the sitter we used a lot with Spencer and a few times early onw with both boys…go figure she grew up and is away at COLLEGE…crap, when did the world keep moving and not tell me. I am now on the hunt.  There are two girls at the end of the street that I will try to use one of…but I have a feeling some of the other neighbors have snagged one if not both. This is a neighborhood party after all. So with that said, ‘can I leave my 4 and 7 year olds at home asleep while I am at a party across the street?’…well of course not. Maybe I could go to the party as the woman from the nutcracker who had all the children hidden under her dress then the boys could come with us and I would kill two birds with one stone!!

Fall is defiantly here and I am defiantly ready…I LOVE FALL…I married in the fall so that I could have all the color and the cool cool temperatures. This Saturday is our 22nd anniversary. Yep…22 years…the year we got married was my parents 25th anniversary.  How different our lives are then theirs…nothing to parallel at all.  I was 23 years old on their 25th anniversary..my oldest will be 9 on my 25th anniversary…wow…big leap…funy how life and times change things. We have changed the focus of our anniversary for now to family rather then to just us.  This works best for us…we had 15+ years of time together just us ..it is time to be a family now to celebrate a family…afterall, the day we became a family is that cool October day in 1986. Even if we had never had any kids, Richard and I would have been a family.

HAPPY FALL YALL….wow is that southern, redneck sounding…..


Most, if not all, of my five readers know that; I was a ‘teacher’ in a previous life. In fact, not all that long ago.  One thing that has always stayed strong with me is the desire to teach others…especially kids…not on a daily regular basis anymore…but to at least on some level.  Then I was approached with this.


I have joined in on something, on the groud floor, of being able to touch a lot, and I do mean a lot of children…My friend Marjuanna’s husband, who knows me all to well, thought of me when this was presented to him. He emailed me, after joining himself, and we attended a seminar together. I went in with the idea that ‘NO I am not going to buy into something nor I will not be hard sold’…3 hours later I was contemplating the system and being part of the beginning team of Professor Brainstorm. I am here now to tell you all that I am an Official Ambassador of the company.  One of the first 300 to be a small part of a huge project headed by some bigger names…Shane Dugger who is the Senior Accounts manage at CDW…Shane hand a couple other guys pulled CDW out of a guys garage and into what it is today. Greg Aronowitz, who does all the art work..he has worked with Steven Speilberg and Georget Lucas on the Star Wars movies creating the latest Jabba the Hutt. He also did art work for the Power Rangers Series and has a new movie coming out called Labou.
enough about that….I am not required to sell anything I can take my product and run…never look back. But I BELIEVE in the product I BELIEVE that is can and will make a difference in the reading and math scores of all children who play it. I BELIEVE that is is that good.

Check me out

Debi Pavletic

Poke around have a look see…there is not a whole lot there yet…we are tiny and growing…I am happy to talk to anyone about it…just ask.