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Hellllllooooo again

So I had me some time this morning to get off a short little post…I know I know…so I thought I would do a few things…first comment this post and let me know what you want to hear about or see most from my family…I will do my best to get to that first.  (and no Sybille I will not post me in the c-pap though I will email that to you).  Once I am all caught up on that then I will do my dern best to blog somewhat DAILY…I know a big leap from never to daily…I will try.  It may be short and sweet or it may wretch your brain with anongy and length.

For a albeit brief update…

School for the boys is going wonderfully. They both love it.  Griffin like going more often.  I hope they both keep this love for school…it will make my job so much more easy, after all that is what we are all looking for right, our job to be easier. We are not in any sports this session…probably start floor hockey with Spencer come winter session.  The boys are set with costumes…Spence is going to be Jango Fett…google it…and Griffin is going to be either a fireman or Rolie Polie Olie… we are also going to a costume party this year…not sure what we will dress as at, ‘the costume requied for entry’, party.  I am sure the party will be a blast.

US…ya know me and the big daddy…the boys now calls us, lovingly of course, mighty mean momma and big bad daddy. it is cute. We like it…it stays. We are doing all things possible to survive the economic stressors. I have been doing the Grocery Game 7 weeks now and am rocking the house. I have been saving a ton on cash and have been able to do a few fun things with the boys. I think this will be the best thing for us and I will be able to do the Christmas shopping with ALL CASH and not be strapped at the end. I shopped for about 100 bucks this week.  We did not need much but everything is more then stockpiled. I have been able to get all my Halloween candy (and that is a lot) for under 20 bucks…that is UNHEARD of in this house. This week I was able to get 6 boxes of toothpaste and 8 toothbrushes free!!  Can’t pass up free most will be donated at the holidays to various things our church does. I also got 8 boxes of 24 pack crayola crayons for ….$.60. That too will be donated this holiday. On top of that I was able to get a food saver for 54 dollars marked down from 199….and now I can freeze safely for much longer lengths of time. That was a S.C.O.R.E… Richard continues to work though the work load is so much less…that is troublesome….very troublesome. When you are in business for yourself and it is just your family that works for you …that is mega troublesome.  We know many who have lost their jobs or had their hours way cut back.  If you are prayerful please keep those struggling in your prayers.

PLEASE VOTE ….I know the choice’s are not good nor easy but it is your responsibility to vote…SO DO IT

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