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Most, if not all, of my five readers know that; I was a ‘teacher’ in a previous life. In fact, not all that long ago.  One thing that has always stayed strong with me is the desire to teach others…especially kids…not on a daily regular basis anymore…but to at least on some level.  Then I was approached with this.


I have joined in on something, on the groud floor, of being able to touch a lot, and I do mean a lot of children…My friend Marjuanna’s husband, who knows me all to well, thought of me when this was presented to him. He emailed me, after joining himself, and we attended a seminar together. I went in with the idea that ‘NO I am not going to buy into something nor I will not be hard sold’…3 hours later I was contemplating the system and being part of the beginning team of Professor Brainstorm. I am here now to tell you all that I am an Official Ambassador of the company.  One of the first 300 to be a small part of a huge project headed by some bigger names…Shane Dugger who is the Senior Accounts manage at CDW…Shane hand a couple other guys pulled CDW out of a guys garage and into what it is today. Greg Aronowitz, who does all the art work..he has worked with Steven Speilberg and Georget Lucas on the Star Wars movies creating the latest Jabba the Hutt. He also did art work for the Power Rangers Series and has a new movie coming out called Labou.
enough about that….I am not required to sell anything I can take my product and run…never look back. But I BELIEVE in the product I BELIEVE that is can and will make a difference in the reading and math scores of all children who play it. I BELIEVE that is is that good.

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Debi Pavletic

Poke around have a look see…there is not a whole lot there yet…we are tiny and growing…I am happy to talk to anyone about it…just ask.

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