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What would you be…

So, we have been invited to a Halloween party and must be in costume to be allowed entry…we want to go but have no idea what to do about costumes.  Being a large woman (I know your shocked) costumes are not easy to come by..I was thinking of throwing on my dress from all the black tie Cradle events we went to but …well I just don’t know….what would Richard be then…I would like to be somewhat of a pair ya know?? So, here I sit taxing my brain to come up with something for us to be…..something cheap but fun…finding costumes for the boys was a breeze….finding one for Richard would be easy but I guess it all comes down to me. (Of course it does…it is all about me each and every time anyway right??)…I am looking for a few good ideas…so let’s hear them….

Next is the sitter issue. I called the sitter we used a lot with Spencer and a few times early onw with both boys…go figure she grew up and is away at COLLEGE…crap, when did the world keep moving and not tell me. I am now on the hunt.  There are two girls at the end of the street that I will try to use one of…but I have a feeling some of the other neighbors have snagged one if not both. This is a neighborhood party after all. So with that said, ‘can I leave my 4 and 7 year olds at home asleep while I am at a party across the street?’…well of course not. Maybe I could go to the party as the woman from the nutcracker who had all the children hidden under her dress then the boys could come with us and I would kill two birds with one stone!!

Fall is defiantly here and I am defiantly ready…I LOVE FALL…I married in the fall so that I could have all the color and the cool cool temperatures. This Saturday is our 22nd anniversary. Yep…22 years…the year we got married was my parents 25th anniversary.  How different our lives are then theirs…nothing to parallel at all.  I was 23 years old on their 25th anniversary..my oldest will be 9 on my 25th anniversary…wow…big leap…funy how life and times change things. We have changed the focus of our anniversary for now to family rather then to just us.  This works best for us…we had 15+ years of time together just us ..it is time to be a family now to celebrate a family…afterall, the day we became a family is that cool October day in 1986. Even if we had never had any kids, Richard and I would have been a family.

HAPPY FALL YALL….wow is that southern, redneck sounding…..


3 Responses

  1. Ugh. I hate costume parties. Party pooper, I know. I LOVE them for the kids, but I always struggle to come up with something cool for us. So, I guess I am not much help.

    Last year, I went as a witch. But, at the last minute, I decided NOT to paint my face green (too lazy after getting 4 kids ready!), so I just did the hat, with regular clothes. Yes, I am definitely not the one to ask here.

    A funny one that someone else did though, was bling-bling rappers. They wore football jerseys over jeans and had the backwards caps and lots of gold chains. What really made it funny was the big gold dollar sign necklace. Well, that and the fact that the couple wearing it would never be suspected of listening to rap, ever!

  2. my Mom and I are dressing up this year to spend the day at school with Liam. I am going as a hurricane, and mom as a tornado. We are wearing tracksuits (mine black, hers blue). I am gluing/sewing leaves, cows, fish, fences etc… all over the clothes (little toys from the dollar store) . On mine, I am painting the eye of the storm on my back and for Mom we are wrapping her in toole (can’t spell that… the stuff you make tutus out of).

    Good luck!

  3. 1. you could be a plus-sized ghost.
    2. you could go as a shower. yes, it would take some construction but i’ve seen it and it’s very funny. it involves being surrounded by a plastic shower curtain and there’s a water nozzle sticking out of the top.
    3. you could go as sonny and cher. that would be very, very funny.
    4. you could go as pumpkins.
    5. you could go as each other. go to a resale shop and find a men’s suit, and a dress for richard. ;o)

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