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Family Day/22nd Anniversary Day recap

SO another year of Wedded bliss for Richard and I…we celebrated so many of these days wondering if we would ever be parents that it seemed fitting to put the two together…

We began with a trip to the Green Meadows farm. The boys can not get enough of this place nor can we….we just love it.  Hands on all day…nice picnic lunch under a ginormous (Griffins word) shade tree.  Hay ride pumpkin patch we did it all. We began with a bit of time with the baby chicks and bunnies…OK we spent a lot of time with them. The boys help and petted and played with them all…This is Spencer’s favorite part he talks about it for days before we go.  After that we saw the pigs and chickens and help and chased each one. Spencer is able to get the chickens now so that is always fun to watch..Griffin try as he did could not catch on…Spencer was kind enough to share. The pigs grunted the entire time and the boys did not care nor were they intimidated. Then….the kitten barn…OMG the boys would spend the day there if we would let them.  Of course daddy has to stay near the door because of his allergies, he needs the fresh air, but the boys did not care…they got to love on each and every kitten there. Admittedly, I enjoyed the one kitten that climbed over me…sat on my head for awhile and then on my shoulder.  He was funny.  We spent too much time with them.  We saw a mommy pig and her less.then.month.old, piglets who were feeding…Spencer remarked that she had 16 nipples and only 10 piglets so she could help out another pig mommy if need be. Good observation and thought my boy. That was fun to see…Griffin just watched silently in amazement.  After that we rode the ponies.  This was Spencer’s last year because they stop you after 2nd grade. Spencer has been riding those ponies, every year, sometimes twice a year, since he was 2. Kind of a sad day for mommy. After we caught our picnic lunch we headed to see Jenny the cow.  She is the milk giving cow and every one who visits the farm gets to milk her as much as they want if they want.  The boys got the penis laugh out of themselves and then took to milking again. They were more interested this time in how that actually happens.  We talked at great length about it. I am sure Jenny was happy to have us leave. After a brief visit with the goat, who have lost all appeal with the boys, we did our hay ride. It is always very bumpy but very fun. A visit to the hay silo for a little jumping around fun as well as hay tossing…we gathered a pumpkin from the field and headed home.

The day was beautiful and ended today with a visit to our favorite fish house, World renowned Bob Chinn’s.  We hall had fish and clam chowda and the boys had a little chocolate ice cream to top off their tummies.

A shout out to my brother and his wife celebrating on the 14th and to really good friends Shawn and Kelly with whom we share our anniversaryday with. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS.

EDITED TO ADD>>>>my dear sweet Griffin wanted to wear his Russian shirt and asked his daddy if he could wear it even though he wans’t in Russia or going to Russia today…awwwwwww.