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Unknown, early birthday celebration

SO Sunday we had set up a late get together with Oma and Opa and Spencer’s birth mom D.  No surprise that when we arrived at 3:15 she was not there yet.  in fact she did not show up until about 5:45…with her husband. D does not drive…never has probably never will. She waits for rides or calls home to get them.  She had called about 3 minutes before we got there to have her dad go get her. He said he could when we arrived. Then she called back and said she had to shower and could he come later. Then she called back and said that her DH was home and he would bring her in a little bit.  Nearly 3 hours later she arrived. Her mom and I had a talk about it and we will now pick her up when ever we are coming because her house is on our way. That way Spencer will not be wondering if she is going to show up or not. Problem solved..she just needs to be ready when we get there….we will give her an hours notice that should suffice.

SO we had a super visit. Something we did not expect was a birthday celebration for Griffin complete with cannoli. Now, the thought of celebrating Griffin’s birthday, with a very Italian dessert, is just plain ole funny to me…actually doing it,… made me laugh out loud. It was very yummy and made fresh that afternoon at the local Italian bakery.  Griffin was not impressed with it and he ate wafer cookies..so much more like a Eastern European cookie…See maternal birth family is more then half Italian and and paternal birth family is like nearly 100 % Italian.  This is the way they always celebrate. Spencer has a deep love for the cannoli…inbred I would suspect…but Griffin not so much…give the boy a good fruit filled blini and a cup of hot tea and he is set.

Then there were gifts…I was so not prepared…they had asked me for sizes and such but I figured that it would be for us to take home…alas we opened gifts and Griffin was ecstatic to get the same fishing pole his brother did and Tony Hawk clothing just like his big brothers…he is so excited to go fishing agin with daddy and Spence.

It was a late night after 10 when we finally got home.  It was a good visit and Spencer spent time with D and A his Uncle. They played Wii and Xbox games for about an hour…strict rules with me for those video games.  We also got to see the pictures from the vacation they took to see Aunt J in Baltimore. They did a lot in the two+ weeks they were gone…lots of national parks and forests. Some of the photos were postcard worthy for sure. All in all it was a fun day.