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Officially week nine is over…

of the Grocery Game. I have had shelf costs (SC)of $2202.44 and an savings (SAV) of $1424.33 that is a 65% savings over the last 9 weeks.  Can I just tell you how astounded I was to read the numbers…about 90 bucks OOP a week for a family of four. Let me tell you all five readers…that is is a far cry from where I was at every week…FAR…less then half. I am amazed and overjoyed.

Last week I spent 53 bucks on groceries…the rest we spent having fun for our family day weekend…expensive dinner and Field trip to a farm…lots of little extras here and there that we usually don’t allow.  It was super and I owe it all to the grocery game. There is not way I could have done that and continued to feed my family in this economy NEVER.

So I say to you,… if you have not even taken your ‘four weeks for a buck; yea, one dollar, trial,you now have substantied proof. NO I am not buying things I did not already by.  No I did not stockpile things will never use…no I have not gone over my budget to get to this point.  In fact I found it easy to stockpile what I have and still get the things I needed for the week. I do get two and sometimes three papers a week.  My mom sends me her coupons but I could still do this without hers.

I don’t know but maybe I am a bad chef…I make things like grilled pork chops with spatzle or potato dumplings an a frozen fresh veggie for dinners.  I make soups and salads, pot roasts are loved with all the veggies, Turkey/chicken breasts with all the trimmings. We eat lunch at home, leftovers of PB and J or lunchmeat even chicken nuggets. Breakfast if cereal most week day mornings but we do pancakes and eggs and oatmeal and a ton of other things.I am able to cook the same way with brand and off brand products.  When I tell you I have laundry detergent, soft soap, dish soap, dishwashers soap, toothpaste, TP, papertowels, napkins, cleaning products, cling wrap, foil, wax, bleach, shampoo, conditioner (even DH Head and Shoulders), bar soap, deoderant, floss you name it I have enough for a year.  I have fresh froxen veggie and fruit in the freezer, with a huge tip from a fellow gamer about the food sealer being on sale for 60 bucks at kohls one week when I had the extra cash. Now I can freeze lots of stuff. In the outside freezer I have enough meat for 5 months and then some….with the exception of Milk and Eggs and other highly perishable things…I do not HAVE to shop for about 3-4  months!  at $90 a week I COULD save a ton. Like 2,500 bucks. However, I will not be doing that unless I HAVE TO…I will keep my stock pile level until (and I hope never) I need to deplete it.

OK I have bored the five of you enough…let me know what you think…comment already would ya.


3 Responses

  1. I’m going to have to try this grocery game–you’re doing great with it! I’ll try this summer (which is when I do the bulk of the shopping–DH does more during the school year). Will let you know how it goes.

    Wish I lived closer–I’d invite myself for dinner. Sounds like you guys eat well! I’m getting hungry just reading this post.


  2. Okay, I’m not TRYING to burst your bubble but numbers are my thing….if it was a shelf cost of $2202.44 then a 50% savings would be $1101.22. Your savings was actually….35%. You SPENT $1424.33 which was 65% of the shelf cost…the savings is the difference. STILL fantastic when you see what you WERE spending & how much you have extra every week!!!!!

  3. Now hiring…..PROOF READER…Della you are absolutely right…but the thing I did wrong was grab the wrong word…OOP is not right that 1424 is my savings not my OOP…I really need to have a proof reader…NO never mind Della you got the job…pay is low but internet love is plenty…thanks for making me go and re look at the numbers, when I re added the savings I actually added wrong too…by about 38 bucks…but it is still one heck of a savings…

    I will edit it and give you all the credit THANKS AGAIN Della

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