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History and graciousness

Having grown up in a Democratic household, in a time where you would simply go and punch Democratic and vote for everyone Democratic and that was it…I have to say that there are some people who are, or would be, astounded, perhaps angered, at the party electing a black President.  I am not.  It is a great day for America. There have and will be many black Americans who have and will change out history.  I am just excited to be American (always have been) and be able to live and see history in the making and history changing.

I also am finding that listening to the Republican concession speech brought feelings of proud-ness. In America you can loose with grace and dignity. You can be a war hero and survivor and be proud of who you are and who you have become and where you will go.  You can support whom you see fit and tell others who traveled with you that it’s OK, we will work together.

The choices this year were not optimum. Choices had to be made, people had the responsibility to vote and did…in record numbers even though the choices were not optimum. It makes me proud to be and American…i I took a major leap in Patriotism after 9/11…I am taking another leap now lets keep the momentum going and work through the issues ahead…be supportive and receive support back. I see changes and I hope that they are all positive…


2 Responses

  1. Completely agree and am proud to have voted in such a historic election and had a part in achieving it.

    Don’t tell my parents, though.

  2. yes you (at times) are a lousy blogger. but other times you are fantastic!

    you need to blog about your veterans day. where did you go, what did you order for lunch, what interesting thing did you learn, etc., etc., etc.


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