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I earned free weeks…

With the addition of Katie/Dustin playing the Grocery Game, I earned more free weeks. I will not be paying for my subscription until April 2009. That is five months of the great lists that the Grocery Game gives me. Thanks to those of you who have tried the game and found out that it REALLY DOES work…that you too can save a bucket load of cash on your groceries….and how about all the hot tips…man it is addictive…I have learned and found so much.. Now, if Katie doesn’t spend all her time in the hot tip area we would all be good.  *wink Wink* Seriously, thanks to all my grocery game pals…may you find the continued success there that I am. It is not to late to try it for a buck…four weeks of great weeks of grocery lists and at a buck you can not go wrong with the trial. If it is not for you your only out a BUCK!!

So what else is new… I have two more things to get for the boys for Christmas and my shopping really is D.O.N.E….I will not buy any more even if it is a great hot tip/super great price. One of the last things I have to get is a digital camera for Spencer. He is 7…I do not want to spend a lot of money on a digital camera for him.  I see that Circut city or best buy has one for $100 this weekend…a Nikon cool pix…that is a good deal…but I think I will stick with free, free you say, do tell…..I have the misfortune to take three medications daily and Richard takes two.  That is 5 scripts a month…when I fill them for the first time I fill at target..then the next month I transfer them to CVS where I use a transfer prescription coupon and get a $25 GC that is $125 a month for doing something I HAVE to do anyway…so why not do it where I can get money back.  The next month I transfer them to Walgreen’s for the same deal. After three refills my Doctor sees me and gives me a new script. The cycle starts over. It is a nice little $1500 extra money a year for doing something I already HAVE to do. So I guess my misfortune can be seen as not so unfortunate. OH so back to free….I did a little research into camera’s for beginners… it seems that Kodak makes a nice little digital for beginners..the C-713 Easyshare…hey, I learned on a kodak so no bad mouthing it….it just so happens that CVS carries this camera and it is on sale for $89.99… well now, won’t that will be a nice little freebie Christmas gift for my boy…earlier this year I got an SD cardthat I though would be for my camera…a kingston 4GB..but it was a SDHC and would not work in my camera…but it will work in Spencer’s…Oh and that 4GB SD card…$6.99 shipped brand new. So I am good to go.

I don’t know about you all but in this economy I am trying to do what I can to make my nearly worthless dollar worth a hair more…If I can lighten the load then I will….ya know the children don’t understand all of this economy stuff nor should they.  They just know that Christmas is coming and Santa will being gifts. I would like to be generous with those gifts but with the realization that it is not possible I want to do the next best thing and that is give them what I can. My boys have a strong grasp on what the real meaning of Christmas is all about and I will not deny them the side of the holiday that we all have enjoyed since we were children. I get as much out of them enjoying the day as they do enjoying it.


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  1. I looked at the Grocery Game awhile back when you first started talking about it, but unfortunately, they don’t have most of the stores I shop at locally listed. (We don’t have CVS, Jewel, etc. here & the only thing I saw on the list in my area is Walgreens. No groceries.) Bummer too, ’cause I’m getting jealous of all that money you’re saving! Not to mention that you are nearly DONE with your Christmas shopping. I better get moving on that! Getting done with that early is high on my priority list this year.

  2. wow you are on a blogging binge! woot!

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