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Holiday parties…

It is that time of year again when there are Holiday parties flying everywhere…when I was teaching there were always many, almost too many, parties to go to.  Now that I am no longer in the out of the home work force there is only one Holiday party for us.  Every year our neighbor throws a Christmas party early in the month of December for their friends and family and neighbors.  It is usually very fun and has been known to get, um…ah… a little saucy crazy…but a good time is had by all. I don’t usually dress up very different from every day…maybe jewelry and a little mascara..but this year I actually have a new sweater and turtle neck I am going to wear.   Most of the people are not ‘dressed’ so I have not worried about it much.

I enjoyed going to the parties when I was working but now and happy to go to just the one. Do you make the rounds…lots of partying??  No partying??  fancy dress or just come as you are? I was thinking about this party that I was more dressed up for Halloween this year then I will be for this party. I wore a formal gown to Halloween and to Christmas I will be wearing jeans…go figure…

Gift giving and party going…some people ALWAYS bring a gift for the hostess…I do occasionally..nothing too fancy but man my neighbor has raked in some really nice gifts in the past…so do you gift??  what do you give and how do you decide if you will gift or not.


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  1. if it’s a pot-luck party, i don’t gift. if the hosts throw the party on their own, i gift.

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