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T-day 2008

This installment is a day late….My internet was down… SO SHOOT ME ALREADY

Thanksgiving morning…..what are you missing….everyone forgets one thing no matter how minor..so what do? do you make do or do you go and get what you need because it is not Thanksgiving if you make do…me..onions…yeah…onions..how can that be…I always have onions. I love vidalia onions in about anything. So how is it that I have NONE…I guess there is a reason that the stores are open …it is for those of us (you know your one) that can’t make do. Imagine how much money the stores would make on the ones who can’t make do…they could hike prices and I would still pay for onions…

SO everything is in the oven or made or cooking…the house smells wonderful. While I love cooking, this whole day thing takes it out of ya. That is OK it is sooo worth it. I made Swedish Cardamom yeast (GOOGLE IT) rolls a few days early so they are ready to be warmed and I made the Pumpkin pie earlier this week too so it is ready to go. I have brined the Butterball 14.29 pound turkey and it is stuffed with fresh made and dried cornbread and french bread stuffing. YUM…The potato’s are mashed in a pan ready for a baking as are the sweet potato’s. The whiskey glazed carrots and plain ‘ole, boring buttered green beans are the last to be made. Dinner could very well be on the table by 3:00PM sharp…assuming that the turkey does not need more then 4.5 hours ish…As the Macy’s day parade plays in the den Spencer is doing some reading with his dad and watching the parade and Griffin is fluttering around here playing with various trucks he has parked in ‘garages’ all over the place. One day I will have to photograph all the ‘garages he has…it is amazing where he parks these things.

So while we wait I am thinking about what I am grateful/thankful for….

A warm happy, home
A loving family near and far
A strong confidence in my religious beliefs
A renewed hope for America
A birth mother in Russia and A birthmother here in the USA
A loving and everlasting marriage to my best friend
Being able to live in a place with four distinct seasons
Modern Medicine without which I would not be able to pull together Thanksgiving

And I am sure that there is a tremendous amount more but I will not bore you the reader.

Be proud of you
Be proud of your Country
Be happy..

Happy Thanksgiving

2 Responses

  1. what a great post. i’m reading it late, but it still warmed my heart.

    i hope you continue to enjoy the holiday weekend.

    *take your boys to see BOLT – it’s cute!

  2. umm, it’s december. you need to update. you are a fascinating person leading a remarkable life. the world wants to hear from you!

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