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more about nothing…

OK so what is it about blogging…I can go on a rant for days with nonstop blogging, talking about everything random under the sun and then wham…silent streak…I used to have many viewers….I was getting hits in the 150’s nearly everyday. Now, somedays I get 5.  I liked it when I had lots of viewers…I had lurkers too…some from all over the country and wrold. That was really cool. I really need to get back to that again. I may have to make a pledge or…god forbid ….. a resolution for the new year….to blog every day no matter who mundane or exciting my life may be. One thing that I do know….I don’t want to be the blogger that posts a post just to say I did it for the day.  I do not like short posts with no meat or thought to them.  Some people post short posts really well..they give you something to think about but I can’t seem to pull that off….I am wordy I guess.

Speaking of resolutions…I think I have done quite well this year with the resolution I created for myself. I wanted to be more frugal and well we all know how much money I am saving just in groceries alone. I also was able to Christmas shop for about 60% of the cost that I normally would thanks to all the hot tips I get at the Grocery games message board.  I did not pay full price or shipping and handling on ONE Christmas gift this year. I also bought 90% of my gifts on line.

As for organizing my house…it is getting there…my stockpile is the most organized…the cabinets have taken a few reorganizations but they are in good shape.  I have a years worth of work to organize the basement…the toys and boys rooms are in great shape.

As for meal planning…well, ball dropped…I started out well.   Then not so much. But I have made at least 50% more meals at home this year and lunch in almost never out anymore. That is a huge change. Having everything right at hand in my stockpile makes cooking so much easier now that planning is not so necessary.

I think that I have done well with my resolutions this past year…I will be thinking about next year and making myself realistic resolutions again this year. What will you do next year…what are you promising yourself…


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  1. When in doubt post more pics of the kids!


  2. you are a funny girl…posting pics…like it takes me so long…I have to get them off the camera and then into the memory manager and then into an export file and then I can post…but I will try….thanks for the encouragement B

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