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A bobcat, snow and Mount Meadowbrook

SO with the 12-14 inches of snow we received last night the kids, who had school canceled today, the last day before winter break, were…well….ecstatic..to say the least.  The side yard of our property has always been the sledding hill as from street edge to bottom of the hill it drops about one story.  What makes this even better, by the end of the winter snows is that the snow plow has dumped copious amounts of snow at the street edge of this little fun hill making it a good place to go down at a good clip. It is always fun…but not really fun till the end of the season.This year the dads have decided to make it fun TODAY…right now.  One of the guys brought home a bobcat and is taking all the nice clean snow from the ends of every ones drives and depositing it in the place where the plow usually does. The other men in the hood are spreading it and packing it so that it is a good grade.  Knowing Richard, if he could he would be shooting the grade with all of his surveying equipment.  Not at night though. I have even heard listening in the window talk of spraying a light coat of water on it to pack it down and make it slick…
Needless to say, there will be a form to fill out for anyone who sleds or snowboards down the hill to fill out and sign holding us harmless in case of injury or death. The next two weeks should be very interesting.


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  1. did they miss out on their school christmas party? that’s the only bad part of a snow day on the last day of school.

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