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Christmas Eve Christmas Day and beyond

I had put no thought to a Christmas themed post for the next two days. As I read around the blog-o-sphere this morning, of my friends posts, I did not see a host of Christmas thoughts or posts. One or two. So I do not feel bad that I have not put together this reflective Christmas post.

I will say that I love having the snow we have….I hate the dreary looks of the brown grass and leaf-less trees. It is nice to have so much white. We have about 20 inches so I do not think we will loose it before Christmas. That is always nice. This morning it has gone from raining to huge ginormous (as Griffin says) snowflakes to a very fine flake and back again for the last 2 hours. We are in the itty bitty snowflake phase right now.

The boys are excited for the visit from that “right jolly ‘ole elf”…they are talking about what they think they will be getting off their lists of things they wanted. Spencer has had some talk about Santa not being real and that he knows it is just mom and dad but, I think, as the day nears, he has a little more belief in that magic that I keep telling him is there in all of us if we just believe. I think another showing of The Polar Express is in order.

We have friends that are leaving for Disney World tomorrow afternoon. They are very excited as it is their first trip with their little girls. We have talked a lot about what will be good for them to do. I am happy for them they are really excited to go. I wish I could be going too but right now I have other things I want to do with that small amount of extra cash we have. Like paint Griff’s room and work on the basement. It won’t get finished but at least I can get some shelves to get a start on that organization.

Forever, deep in my heart, are the memories of Christmas’ past when my father was still alive. (I miss and think about him most everyday.) The big holiday parties and the Christmas Pageants at church. Making and decorating cookies with my mom EVERY YEAR..I miss that too..I rejoice in the everyday triumphs of my little family. The things we are fortunate to have and do…together….as a family…I am terribly thankful that I was blessed to be the mom to not one but two beautiful, smart boys. They are a daily source of joy and pride. I am also ever cognizant of the two women, whom without which, I could not be so happy. The two men who may or may not know that they are fathers.

I am exceedingly happy to be married to my best friend who I would go to the end of this earth to help, protect or simply make happy. He IS my rock, without him I might crumble.

To all my readers, friends, family and lurkers, I hope that the spirit of Christmas finds and follows you, that your days are as bright as that star that guided the wise men so long ago.


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you have a wonderful and safe time!

  2. what a beautiful post.

    thank you.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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