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As we start “out with the old and in with the new”…

this week…we have started with the same in the house.   We spent the better part of today in the up stairs cleaning out a linen closet that has never in  the 7 years we have lived here been organized or cleaned…whew…nice to have that done.  We also did the closet in the spare bedroom that has suffered the same neglect as the hall linen closet.  It is nice for those to be done. We have been working on the boys bedroom organization often and they are done…our room got done when we painted.  This place is shaping up.  The basement, AKA, the bain of my existence, is calling me.  It will be the thing I try to tackled one day at a time…it may take me till I am 50 but it will get emptied. I have all sorts of plans and ideas so we shall see…we have had a lot go out this year end,  filling the garbage and recycle centers. Donations are stacking up in the basement for the preschool annual rummage sale in March. I think I could provide enough for the entire sale.

So in with the new has brought all the gifts from Christmas. It has brought numerous boxes from my moms storage locker (which she emptied while she was here) that I must go through and divide among myself and brothers. That is a daunting job to look forward to. It is strange to be going through her stuff when I know she is just down in Florida but she wants it that way.  I am glad it is one thing will not have to do when she passes away. I am sure there will be plenty to do then anyway.  But it is a odd feeling and thought process. I do not recommend it. Then there is EVERY.SINGLE.PAPER my children bring home from school. O.M.G. it is a nightmare.  I love to save it all…I have gone through K-1 grade of Spencers and tossed trivial things but that was not the hard part. Now I have; pre-k times 2 years for Spence and k,1 & 2 grades. I have 2 years of pre-k fro Griffin.  I have got to get a handle on it now before it is out of control.

So that is where we are sending out the old and bringing in the new…how about you doing any out and in cleaning in your house? Try to keep it clean woud ya


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  1. Well, I SHOULD be doing some out with the old too, but can’t exactly say I HAVE been.

    I have the same prob. as you with the school papers. I saw a cute idea somewhere: to photograph the pieces and make an online Shutterfly book, or something similar, for each school year (rather than keep all the originals). I might try something like that. But, my husband (aka the sentimental pack rat) might balk at it.

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