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Wii, we…

we…wii have taken the venture into Wii slowly…it started with wii’s arrival for Spencer’s birthday. Actually, it was about mid-February when we got it.  It sat alone in the closet for 6 months. Once it was given as a gift it was opened and played, with the one hour a day rule on school days and no more then one hour at a time with a four hour break in between plays. That makes it able to be played about 2.5 hours a day total given meals and baths and reading times. That is good for us. We or wii, have had the sports games and Wii Play and that is it since the birthday.  Nearly 4 months. In that time both of the boys have enjoyed the games…making mini-wii’s and such. Both boys have made many many mini-wii guys…remember Barack Obama and John McCain, Hillary and what’s her face. All on their own coming up with the ideas and faces to match. They have made some really good likenesses.  Griffin A.L.W.A.Y.S….always plays with the same guy. He is a dark dark skinned guy with no hair and dark eyes and dark eyebrows…for all intents and purposes he is a black man. he states it is him….what an odd personal perception of ones self when your a very white Russian, grey eyed, blond haired kid.  Whatever, it really makes no never mind…just interesting.  So you don’t forget that it is boys that play with this 99% of the time…we have character names like poopy face, butt face, spike, He/shewii (OK I made that one) farthead, you get my drift…bodily functioned name wii’s and there are about 30 of them!!

Our wii-dum has grown.  Christmas brought us: Rapala fishing with rod… Sonic and Mario at the Olympics, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (a steal of a deal for $8.99). Then there is the Wii fit…more on that later. With that came Wii ski (another steal of a deal at $17.99).  The Wii Fit is an interesting little thingy…I was able to get it for about 80 bucks.  It was for both the boys.  So Christmas day they each take a turn on it to see what it does.  It will give you your BMI and Age according to different things you do and input. Spencer scored a little lower then average BMI and an age of 32!!  Griffin scored a little under average and an age of 34!! Next up 45 (nearly 46) year old dad.  He scored a very average BMI and an age of 35!! WTH…it told him he was in good shape and to keep up what he was doing…again WTH…so that was a little fun…and before you ask..NO this mom did not get on that thing….I do not need to be told what I already know…maybe someday when no one is home to see it all go down…

So all in all the Wii has provided us with some good laughs and family fun.  We especially like to play family bowling.Now, if I could keep my very competitve boy happy I would be pleased…and I do mean Griffin!!! Good Golly the boy has a hot Russian temper!!


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  1. we got the wii for christmas this year too. AND wii fit. i got on – my wii age is 62. thank you very much. i alreaddy knew my BMI so that wasn’t much of a shock.

    it’s fun. i can’t wait until my back is better so i can try all the activities. surprisingly, my eldest son is really enjoying all the yoga.

  2. We also love our Wii. Mario Kart is quite fun but I’m still on the search for a Wii Fit.

  3. You know that we just got a Wii this Christmas…. I very much would appreciate any ongoing tips on the Harry Potter game, as my arm STILL hurts from trying to wingardium leviosa and stupefy! 😀

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