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Merrily we roll along…

With the New Year just around the corner, and a post by vote at her password protected place…I got to thinking about the last year, you know, 2008.

SO The new year brought our boys brotherhood for the third year.  Ever convinced that being brothers is the right thing for them both.  They are growing into caring beautiful boys.  I am happy with the plan that God made putting us all together.

In February I dove right into the Cushing research., though not completely convinced that I don’t have it…I have let up on the research for now. It was also my first mammogram!! When March rolled in having a Kidney stone was in order and all that goes along with that. We also found out that our friend Igor from The Glazov baby home went home to TEXAS…we are so excited for him and for his mom and dad.

I began with the C-PAP machine in April and found it to be just what I needed to get a good solid night sleep. I have been wearing it ever since…I tell you the nights I fall asleep without it (think 2 times) I can REALLY TELL.

I  got to meet some adoption world friends in of all places, St. Louis. Meet me in St. Louis…it was AWESOME…when August was upon us we went to the Glazov baby reunion in Florida. It was T.H.E coolest thing I have done besides to actually go to Russia. We had such a great time connecting…which reminds me I have to get looking at a place for us all to meet up this summer.

September I began the Grocery Game…I have been a mad money saving momma ever since…and I like it my family likes it and my pocketbook LOVES it….A LOT…Griffin also got his second set of Ear tubes after failing a hearing test.

October…the month of our anniversary/family day…a fantastic day each and every year. Celebrating family is the best…I also started up with Professor brainstorm.

That brings November…December…and you know what that was all about..One thing that did not happen in December is a visit to Michigan…that will happen this next year. I am excited for that. SO really not much happening…the things we all know about, the recession..happening long before anyone actually claimed it and named it A RECESSION….the odd weather … it shows us all that someone, not us, is in control of it all…I do mean all..

While I sit here and type a call comes in to tell me that a friend visiting family in Florida, just suffered a brain aneurysm. She is in ICU with a 10% chance of surviving…she is a preschool teacher at our preschool and a friend for a long time now.  Please find time to include her and her family in your prayers. They can use it.  Off to call others…sorry for the abrupt end. Not what I expected.

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