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I suppose that I should have added a bit more…

…I have a friend who wants to get some adoption things out . She is not wanting everyone and Joe reading. She does not want a blog permenantly.. she wants to have adoption people give her some feed back.  So for her, I said I would take the blog private for a few weeks let her work out some issues and then open it back up again.  So what I am thinking (and Della this is no reflection on you because I have had a couple non adoption involved people email me privately, and the next time you meet up down here with Debbie I would love to actually meet you!!) I will be taking the blog private for about a month maybe a hair longer…then make her posts private and open it back up again. How does that sound or work.  I could email those of you who want to come back and read here again…or not…I really don’t want anyone to feel like I am excluding them…I have some of you who are loyal readers and check in every day (and I appreciate that you are interested in me and the family), who are not in the adoption world. I don’t want you guys to feel like there is some big conspiracy going on…just a friend who wants to works somethings out.