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I suppose that I should have added a bit more…

…I have a friend who wants to get some adoption things out . She is not wanting everyone and Joe reading. She does not want a blog permenantly.. she wants to have adoption people give her some feed back.  So for her, I said I would take the blog private for a few weeks let her work out some issues and then open it back up again.  So what I am thinking (and Della this is no reflection on you because I have had a couple non adoption involved people email me privately, and the next time you meet up down here with Debbie I would love to actually meet you!!) I will be taking the blog private for about a month maybe a hair longer…then make her posts private and open it back up again. How does that sound or work.  I could email those of you who want to come back and read here again…or not…I really don’t want anyone to feel like I am excluding them…I have some of you who are loyal readers and check in every day (and I appreciate that you are interested in me and the family), who are not in the adoption world. I don’t want you guys to feel like there is some big conspiracy going on…just a friend who wants to works somethings out.


3 Responses

  1. Well, since you singled me out (and i have NO idea if the other 7 people that commented are adoption people or not…i don’t follow their links or your links), it’s your blog, you can do what you like with it. I just pop in to see what the boys are doing since i had heard so much about them. Hey, you could take your private time to vent about the family/friends that read the blog too 😉

    No need to email if you open it back up again.

  2. Not really sure what….

    “Hey, you could take your private time to vent about the family/friends that read the blog too…..”

    means….more clarification would be great…do you want me to complain about friends and family in the private time on the blog…??? not sure where to go with this. I have a friend who wants to post some private thoughts about adoption…..really don’t know what your hinting at but please do spell it out.

    Della I did not mean to single you out…Hell, I have never even met you… I did say that others emailed me privately that are also not adoption ‘people’ but since they emailed me privately I did not want to say there names here…sorry if that offended you it was not the intent.

  3. krikie…never mind

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