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Richard Richard Richard

OK so the man fell flat on his back today on the ice…had the nerve to drive himself home and then call me when I was not here…he is OK..we went to the ER and came home with dx: contusion to the back and inflamation of the chest muscles and muscles that surround the heart.  He is fine…more tomorrow when I have the boys back on schedule and Richard more healed I will write more. For now Vicoden and plenty of rest….and it was not his back that he hurt AT ALL…We did spend the day at the ER hooked up to a cardiac machine…scary ….see you tomorrow.


5 Responses

  1. Seriously??? What is with the men we married! Hope his recovery is speedy!!

  2. Poor guy! I hope he’s okay. (and you too… that’s scary!)

  3. Ugh… not fun. I hope that he mends quickly!

  4. i am praying for all of you. so sorry to hear this. please post an update when you are able.

  5. still praying.

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